Jordan Greaves

Jordan Greaves




It was not long ago that we had an amazing opera singer to make a big name for herself and that was Jackie Evancho, but now we have a new opera voice making her way and this amazing new person is ten year old Jordan Greaves. Jordan is an excellent soprano and will be giving Jackie a run for her money. When Jordan sings no one would even imagine that the girl singing was only ten, her voice is far older than she is and she can use that voice to deliver a song beautifully. The control that she has along with the wonderful tone in her voice makes her one of the top up and coming opera singers out there today. She is truly amazing.

In the spring of 2012 when Jordan was eight years old people got to hear this beautiful voice for the very first time. She was to sing at the country fair and she was the last act and something happened and the speakers stopped working. This little mishap did not stop her she sang acapella and everyone loved it! This little mishap may have been just fate stepping in and wanting everyone to experience just how beautiful her voice really is. So far  her favorite show was her school’s talent show last year. Jordan was new at the school and this gave her a chance to meet new friends. No one at the school knew she could sing and they were all very surprised when they heard her sing. After her performance many of the kids came up to her to congratulate her.

Although she carries an award winning voice, she has never competed solo, but she is part of her’s school choir and they placed 1st at the Music USA Festival at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Jordan wants to be a classical crossover singer. When she sings Jordan likes covering Celtic Women because they sing a lot of crossover songs and she is a big fan of Chloe Agnew. Through her music she hopes to be a positive impact on people’s lives, but most of all honor God using the abilities that she has been given. She always loves the excitement of being on stage and reaching people in a positive way.

Jordan does have a few things she is looking forward to working on. Her YouTube channel is very new and she hopes to have it grow and use it to reach others and to connect with other singers who share her same passion for music. She will also be going into the recording studio a few more times this year to cover more classical songs and she will start entering local and national talent competitions later this year.

Jordan is very passionate about her music and she works very hard continuing to improve everyday, currently she is singing in the 2.5 octave range. Her biggest influences in music are Sissel and Celtic Women, but she is also a fan of Coldplay.

Jordan does love to sing, but she also enjoys many other things like, art, acting, making videos, and studying foreign languages. She also likes spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, shopping, and watching TV; Gravity Falls is her favorite show. Just as important she hopes to one day have a career in music and use her gifts as a way to honor God and make a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Jordan is very talented and you can bet that she is honoring God with that beautiful voice her’s and he is listening everyday. Music does have an impact on people’s lives and what she can do most certainly will move anyone that listens. It does not matter if someone is a classical fan or not, just one listen to Jordan and she will make you a fan of her’s.  Please keep check on Jordan at her YouTube channel, you for sure don’t want to miss out on anything.