Jordan Green

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Who would have known you could find country in New Jersey, but with great surprise Jordan appears, and he is all country. New Jersey and Jordan’s parents should be proud to have such an amazing talent. He is one of the best male country vocalist to come along in a while, and he has a bright future ahead of him. Jordan has a great sound,with a country look that girls love; Nashville is in need of a guy like Jordan.

This up and coming country artist started off singing at just two and a half years old performing in church. By the time Jordan turned ten, he had his own band and making his debut performance playing his own music. This all happened in 2009 at a festival called, “Bottle Hill Day” in Madison, New Jersey. He remembers being very nervous, but he says after playing their short three song set, he knew performing was something he had to do.

Jordan says he has performed at many places over the past six years, and has a few that remains memorable. One of these performances was at,  Morristown’s Got Talent. At the time he was with a band called, “The Originals” and made it to the finals. The finals were held at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in New Jersey. Jordan said it was the biggest stage he had ever performed on, and will never forget it. He also enjoyed performing at the Walk To Cure Cancer for the T. J. Martell Foundation, which he will be doing again this year.

Whenever Jordan is out playing music and singing cover songs he loves covering Trace Adkins.  He likes Trace because he feels his songs are clever and fun to sing. More importantly when Jordan is out singing, he loves the rush that comes from being on stage. He is passionate about music and whether he is performing in front of ten people or ten thousand, he gives it his all.

As an artist one of the things they all must do is get some great original songs out, and Jordan is working on that right now. His goal is to get a five song EP and two videos released. Jordan hopes to have it all completed by the end of the year. He wants to also keep performing anywhere he can, and work on larger and larger gigs. Once he finishes high school he would like to attend college in Nashville.

Jordan has been writing songs ever since he was ten years old, and has written about 25 songs by himself, and about 100 that he has co-written. He attends a music school called, The Original Music School. At the music school he learns to write songs and to work with a band. There is a song he wrote that is special to Jordan called, “In The Stars”. The song is dedicated to his grandma who passed away suddenly when he was in the 6th grade. Just like his song, In The Stars, everything he writes comes from personal experiences.

There are many internet radios and a couple of FM radios in Australia that are currently playing a few of Jordan’s songs, and more radios are picking him up regularly. Jordan has become very popular and he is taking on more things all the time. Here recently he has become an Ambassador for Heart Songs for Veterans / Heart Songs for Causes. Heart Songs is an organization where artist donate a song to a particular cause with all the proceeds of the sales going to the cause. Jordan will be releasing a song soon just for Heart Songs. He is looking forward to being a guest host on the Heart Songs Radio Show which will air on the Scorpion Radio Network.

Jordan is a big country music fan with favorite artists including Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan to Carrie Underwood, plus many more. He does however enjoy many things, like hanging out with friends, church, art, food and he is a huge baseball fan and the Mets are who he follows. He is an all around country boy.

Don’t miss a thing from Jordan he creates some great music that everyone loves. One song of his that he has is called, Budge. This song is very well done, good lyrics, it flows well and it is a song that sticks in your head. Jordan has a great tone to his voice and a creative writer, this makes him a great addition to country music.