Jordan Jansen : Fun New Video


   Jordan is always a pleasure to watch and listen to.  This new video looks like,  he is having alot of fun doing it.   I know he,  has fun doing all his videos but this one really shows it and  for not having much practice with this song he did do good with it.  Jordan always tries for perfection , but he has fun and enjoys doing it.  That is probably the biggest thing,_  is enjoying what you are doing in order to be good and successful. Jordan sure has proven that  time and again with his music.  His music is always a hit with his fans.  His fan base is growing larger everyday,  I have no dought that he will make the big time.  This will be accomplished through his dedication , passion and most importantly he enjoys and has fun with music.  Everyone needs to kick back and just have some fun and I feel like,  that is what Jordan was doing in his video , I was glad to see him having fun and not worrying so much about perfection.  If you watch his video of him singing ” Hallelujah ” you will see him putting his ” all ” in to it and it was amazing,  in my opinion was better than the original , but this is normal for Jordan,  he don`t just sing the songs he understands the story and tells the story with heart and feeling.  I know,  from knowing Jordan for a while that,  he does have a big heart and I think this is why he can bring so much feeling into a song.   But even someone with a big heart needs to slow down every once in a while and just have fun.  For me the video above with him singing ” Down ” was just …..too cool ….and I thought I would share it.