Jordan McIntosh


     I would like to introduce to you Jordan McIntosh , an outstanding performer.  Jordan lives just outside Ottawa Canada,  this young man definitely ranks in the top of  young male vocalists , but don`t take my word for it ,  listen to the video above then you tell me.  He is singing ” When I Look at You ” at his grandmothers birthday party. 

    Jordan is fourteen  and in grade 9 , he says he started singing at an early age but he didn`t debut his talent until grade 4 when he entered a school talent show and he just kept going from there,  entering every talent show and some competitions . He sang in multiple fair talent shows winning them all from 2004 through 2006. He stopped doing fair talent shows when he was about 11 or 12  , he says. In 2007 he entered into a high school talent show in the junior/ elementary category winning first place , 2008 he entered the Stars on The Rise competition and placed second , in 2009 the same competition placing third .  In November 2009 he was asked to perform at the RONA`s birthday celebration show ,( this was a paid performance  ).

     While I was putting this article together Jordan was in Disney World Florida , he sent me a message from there , that at Hollywood Studios he did the American Idol Experience and won it ( that was awesome news ) which won him a front of the line ticket to any real American Idol audition.

    I really love Jordan`s voice it is so clean and clear. He has  a higher range than most at his age, then you have the power behind it , he can really get it out there.  If you watch his videos most show he does not even have to put much effort in it.  I enjoy all of Jordan`s videos his performances are very good . He doesn`t usually like to just stand still and sing , he likes to work the stage and he is very comfortable doing it .  It just seems to come natural to him. I believe Jordan is going to have a wonderful future and I will gladly support him all the way.   Please stop by Jordan`s channel and give him a shout.   Jordan Mcintosh