Jordan Nute

Jordan Nute at stars2come



There are some amazing sounds coming out of Connecticut, and it is leading right to Jordan`s door step. This little lady packs one big voice. She has so much power in her voice she could take the roof off a building, and the control she has when she reaches for the stars is awesome. To be at a live performance of her`s is spectacular, the one thing that comes to mind every time when watching her live is, wow! Jordan is not just an amazing singer, but she can work the stage like she had been doing it for years. There is not a shy bone in her when performing, she is pure entertainment and pure country.

Jordan has been entertaining people almost from the second she was born.  She says, she has never stopped singing and at times when she was little, people would politely ask her to stop. Well that is not the case now.  At twelve years old she amazes people to where they do not want her to stop. You can never get enough of her singing.

Once she began singing she didn`t waste any time getting out to perform, and she started amazing people right off. At age seven she performed at the CCMA (Connecticut Country Music Association) competition in 2006 and won the vocalist catagory. Her favorite place to perform has always been Tennessee. She is a part of NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) she loves the big stage there to perform on, and all the bright lights when you walk out, it just amazes her. She also loved performing at Lake Canobie, this park has everything she needs, a big water park,  roller coasters, and of coarse a talent search at night.  Jordan had a lot of fun performing here, it had a big stage, and a catwalk down the center. Still NACMAI she truly loves, and to go down to Pigeon Forge, she says, the people are so nice there, and the first time she went they showed her all around backstage and the auditorium. She has a lot of fun there, because there is so much to do when your not performing. Almost every year she comes out on top with awards, in 2009 the age group 7 – 12 she won Future Star Of Tomorrow, in 2010 won the Horizon Award, and 2011 Rising Star.

Jordan and Taylor Nute at stars2come


Jordan has a twin sister Taylor, and when they get together on stage, they are unbelievable. When they are performing they can get  the place swing`n. The songs they choose are up beat, and they add some pretty cool moves in their performance. These guys has won some awesome awards with their duo performances. They won the CCMA competition Duo ages 7 – 12 2008, 2009, and 2010. Competing in the NICS they won Duo in 2008, 2009, and 2010. At NACMAI they took Duo Of The Year , 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Jordan says, she loves performing with Taylor. She says, it is so calming when they are together on stage. Jordan just feels so confident having some one up there with her. Taylor says, that she too loves to be on stage together, but she could not do it solo. These two really make an awesome team, and are a pure joy to see live.

Jordan Nute at stars2come

Jordan has begun to try and write some songs, she is not sure how good they are yet, but she is going to keep trying. She says, she loves to write stories, but songs are a bit different. With her love of writing stories you can be sure that it will not be long before she is bringing us some awesome songs. It takes a good story teller to write good songs, and she certainly has that going her way.

It shows very well how much she enjoys singing, it is like once she is in front of a crowd, she is home. When performing she loves to do Ballads or up tempos. When she comes out from backstage and sees the looks on people`s faces she knows they enjoyed it, and she just loves that feeling.

There is a lot more to Jordan than just singing. She also plays guitar, piano, and flute. She is big into sports too, she plays many different kinds. She says, she likes to stay fit, she exercises everyday, and in the summer jogs up her grandmother`s hill to her neighbors farm. When she is not doing all these things she is helping animals. She donates things to animal shelters and trys to get others to do the same.  Jordan just wouldn`t know what to do with out animals, she just loves them. She stays very busy, but this is the way she likes it.

Jordan has one amazing future ahead of her, and one thing about her is that she doesn`t realize how big she could very well become. Her performances are brilliant to say the least. There is no way anyone would leave a performance from her with out out a huge smile on their faces. If any way possible you must see Jordan live, and where ever it is, it is sure worth the drive. Be sure to keep up with Jordan on her new web site,  Jordan Nute .