Jordyn Pepper

Jordyn Pepper




Jordyn is an artist with a lot of  character and a unique voice that will take her a long way in music. It is always great to be somewhere and hear an artist sing, and the first thing you think is, wow, who is that? That is what you get with Jordyn. There is more to singing and being an artist than just belting out words, there has to be something in the artist to bring the song to life and make the listener be apart of it and that is what Jordyn does with all of that character and wonderful personality. All of these things about Jordyn, the personality the character all helps to add depth to her songs and keeps you listening.

It was  Jordyn’s mom that got her started singing. Whenever Jordyn would be singing around the house her mom would say you are a diamond in the rough. At the time Jordyn’s mom was the praise and worship leader of their church and would encourage her to sing with the praise team and sing solos as much as possible. She was eight years old when she started singing at church and can remember her first time very well. She said she could not believe she volunteered to do a solo because she was the shyest kid ever and did not like drawing attention to herself, so getting on stage was a big deal for her. However after she got up there and sang she fell in love with being behind the mic and up on the stage and she has not looked back since.

Over the years Jordyn says that her inspiration for singing has changed, when she first showed up in Nashville her inspirations were Sugarland and Jennifer Nettles. Once she became part of PCG Nashville they helped her figure out who she was as an artist and now her inspirations are more to the order of Dixie Chicks, Zac Brown Band, Sons of Fathers, The Wild Feathers and Patty Griffin. Some of the songs from these great artists has allowed her to see first hand how the melodies and lyrics have changed her mood and lifted her up in hard times. Jordyn wants to do the same with her music. She hopes to inspire people to go chase their dreams and not be afraid.

Jordyn is someone who is very critical of herself and always feels there is room for improvement. She is always thinking of how she can make her next performance better. She says anytime you perform and you are connecting with the audience you are having a great performance. No matter the performance she always likes the adrenaline rush right before she performs. She hopes to one day to touch the hearts of 50,000 people all in one room in one night. There is no doubt that she will touch those hearts.

In the past Jordyn was part of some  contests with her church denomination in Colorado that were statewide, and won a silver metal which she still has.

Many artists when they are out performing seem to have a particular artist that they prefer to cover, but Jordyn is not like that, if a song speaks to her then she will sing it. One song that she does like to sing is Drops of Jupiter by Train it is one of those songs that speaks to her. When she sings it, it always feels like it is the very first time even though she has sung it many times. This is one song that never gets old and what she calls a classic.

Jordyn is just really getting started with songwriting, but she has written a really awesome song that will be her first single called, “1862”. She got the idea for this song while watching the movie “Lincoln”. While watching the movie she was just strumming around on her guitar and came up with a cute melody. Then all of a sudden the words PA 1862 came up in the subtitles so she started singing “1862 and I hear a boom” to her melody. When Jordyn writes she says she usually writes toward the dark deep haunting songs, but this was more upbeat, so she thought it would make a great campfire song, almost like a haunting Ghost story. Jordyn had a hard time finishing the song and when she went to a songwriters session with Mike Marcum one of the people she co-writes with, and brought it up to them and as soon as they heard the song they said it was awesome and for sure a Bluebird song. So it went being from her little campfire song to her first single.

Jordyn is really an amazing person with so many great interests besides music like, dirt bikes, snowboarding, long boarding, and rock climbing. It is all of these things that help make up who she is as an artist. It is in her nature to take risks, and do things a little different and this is what in the end that makes a true artist and one that will stand the test of time. Jordyn has the right attitude and drive to make her way in music, and make all her dreams come true. She keeps evolving as an artist which many fail to do. Jordyn will someday warm the hearts of those 50,000 people, plus many more. Janis Joplin was a little different with her music and who she was and people everywhere came to love her and they will do the same again with Jordyn Pepper.