Josey Milner

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Josey Milner, what an amazing artist and one with a lot of heart and people have come to love. She has an amazing song and video out called, Not Pretty Enough which is an anti-bullying message and she has done very well spreading it. The video alone has reached over 154, 000 people, she is certainly making a good impact with this great message. Josey says she was not the one who wrote the song, but once her manager showed it to her she fell in love with it. People are always telling her how much they appreciate the song and what it stands for. Josey says she still has people contacting her and telling her stories about real life experiences with bullying. It is very heart warming for her to know people really care about what she is doing. Bullying is something that can be stopped and Josey is doing her part by helping to spread the message, and she has touched people’s lives.

She has been performing all her life, but for the past two years she has been performing heavy with her band. They have been performing all over Missouri and Kansas ranging from fairs to festivals and even opening  for some big name acts. Sometime in the next couple of years she hopes to branch out into some other states. One of her favorite performances so far has been when she opened for Scotty McCreery. She said it was so unbelievable and the crowd was great. The stage went out into the crowd, and it was cool for her walking out and people giving her high fives and wanting to touch her hands. She says it was her fifteen minutes of fame. After the concert everyone was wanting their photos taken with her and signing autographs. It was truly amazing for her.

Josey loves being on stage and knowing people are there to watch her and that she is providing entertainment for them. When ever she is on stage she loves to cover Miranda Lambert when she can. She said it is really fun doing her songs and people always complement her on how well she can pull off Miranda’s songs. She is her very favorite artist.

Her goal is to take her career as far as she can take it. She would love to be able to step into the spotlight on a stage in front of thousands of fans screaming her name. To be able to perform on the Grand Ole Opry or the Ryman Auditorium would be pretty awesome for her as well, but as long as people enjoy and support what she is doing she is happy.

Josey says she has not really gotten into writing much yet, but when she thinks about a song though she tries to focus on the meaning behind the lyrics and if people will relate to them. She says that is why people love country music because the songs tell stories and anyone can find a country song they can relate to.

Josey is just seventeen years old and really loves what she does and she appreciates all the support she has gotten and hopes that support continues. She says if it wasn’t for everyone supporting her she wouldn’t be able to do this career. She wants to give a huge thank you to everyone out there. Josey is an amazing singer her voice belongs on the radio and it is not likely to be far down the road before you turn on your favorite country station and there she will be. She is a great new country star on the rise.