Josh Bernstein


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Josh has a wonderful unique voice. He has a bit of soul all his music, that makes for some great listening. He has made a great impression on a lot of people, and was in the final four of the Kidz Star USA competition.  After listening to him it is easy to see how he made it to the final four. This was accomplished with 45,000 contestants, and he was the only boy. This shows the true talent that he has, and it landed him some great opportunities. At the competition he got to perform in front of American Idol winner, Kris Allen and music executives, which was awesome for him. All this got started by Josh seeing a commercial on Nickelodeon, he decided to send in a video of him singing. His videos got many views, and put him in the top ten. He was then assigned, Soul Sister, by the judges for his next song. Josh did his own original version of it, and it took him to the top four. He says, it was a blast doing this, he got to spend five days in New York. They also made a reality web series, and here they had to compete not only with singing, but dancing, fashion, and interviewing on Siriux XM radio. They also sang for Gavin DeGraw on the Today Show.  This was the most exciting five days of his life. He is now working with a production company on recording a demo of original music.

The thing about Josh is that no one even knew he could sing, not even himself. He was eleven years old when he was watching David Archuleta on American Idol, and suddenly he had a desire to sing, so he just belted it out. His dad was shocked. This experience has changed his life, and now has him on a great journey. He started performing in the fifth grade for a school talent show. Then in the sixth, he joined a rock band called, Pulse, and he is still with the band today. They had their first major public performance at the Battle of the Bands at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. This was in front of about 700 people, and they have performed there six or seven times since then. This past summer he got another great experience by spending two weeks in Israel, learning music and working with other teens in a rock band. They performed in front of hundreds of people in Jerusalem, which was really cool for him.

He has been influenced by several people, but he was also influenced by Motown. Josh tries to bring a modern day Motown sound to his music, and he does it wonderfully. He loves music, and this is his way of making it. He was a shy kid, but found away to shine in public. This shine he found is now getting brighter with great songs of his own. He has one original called, “Open Up To Me”. It is about a teen who has a major crush on a girl, but when they chat, he only gets one word answers, eventually winning her over. He also wrote another song with his band called, “Inconcerta”, this is his rage against taking ADD Medicines.

Josh says, that it is possible to make it as a pop artist, and still be a good and humble person. He was amazed about how humble Kris Allen was, and  down to earth. Josh wants to be just like him. He does have a great start at all this, he is humble, and is putting out some great music that could put him right in Kris Allen’s shadow.