Joshua Flores



   Everyone keep your eyes on Joshua this young singer is going to do wonders.  At eleven years he has a fabulous voice and has no problem singing anything.  You will be amazed when you listen.( I know I was ).

   Joshua lives in Texas , U.S.A.  He started singing about two years of age , then began to sing in public at eight.  He has performed at Bay Fest , local television programs , sports games and area festivals.  In the fourth grade he auditioned along-side eighteen others from Texas for a spot in the ” The American Boychoir School in Princeton, N.J.”   Joshua came out on top and was excepted .  They put together a fundraiser for him to go and got to sing along-side pop singer ” Paula DeAnda ” he was very excited about that.   Unfortunately he wasn`t able to stay there but a short time , due to the economy and had to move back to Texas . How ever while he was there he did get the opportunity to perform with the ” New York Philharmonic ” at the Lincoln Center in New York .  This set back of having to leave N.J. has not stopped Joshua ,_ he is going to be on a T.V show   called the Nashville Spotlight.  He will be leaving this month for the tapeing ( once the airing date is set I will post it ). 


                                                               Joshua  not only sings , but is learning the guitar and writes songs.  His dad , Nick  helps him , being a director of music and teaches the guitar you couldn`t get a more perfect helper.  The video at the top of the page is of Joshua singing a song written by his dad ” I`m Gonna Stand ” and originaly played by his dad and band,  but Joshua changed the melody a bit , as you can tell when you listen it worked out fabulous.  For me once I heard this song I couldn`t pull myself away.  Above is another original song by him and his dad ” Just Be Me “. 

   I had the opportunity to talk with Joshua and Nick they are very nice people I enjoyed it alot . They are really  down to earth and provided all this wonderful information. I did ask Joshua a few questions : 

  1.     How does it feel singing in front of a bunch of people ?    It feels good.  I enjoy when the crowd gets into the song that I am singing.  I also like that the crowd is sometimes surprised when I sing.  I guess, I don’t look like the way I sound.
  2. Do you ever get to sing at school for your friends ?    Sometimes, when they ask.  I’ve sang in front of the whole school a couple of times.  That was cool.
  3. What do you like most about singing and playing the guitar ?     I like that I can play whatever I want to.  I like that I can do both at the same time.
  4. What do you dream of doing, music, acting, other?      Music is my first choice but I am interested in acting.  I’m taking acting lesson right now.

   Joshua really does enjoy music and you can tell, he puts all he can into it.  I think with his talent he has a very good chance of  living his dream.  Below I have more of Joshua , please take time and listen , _enjoy.  He does have songs to listen to and available for down load if you would like at and CD`s are available at   He would greatly love to have your support,(  he sure has mine. ) Go get`m Joshua