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Wow what an amazing singer! Joy from the great state of Mississippi has the perfect name for any entertainer because she does bring “joy” to all who listen. This girl has a voice as big as the Mississippi river and she really knows how to use it. Not only does she have a great voice there is so much to her personality and character that she can not help, but put a big smile on your face. Joy is a great entertainer and she loves to do it. She says it makes her feel good and loves to see people enjoying the show. Joy does work hard and she works to perfect her talents so that others may relax and just enjoy the show. To her it does not matter whether she is being funny, sassy, or serious it is just fun for her to imagine and perform. Joy is a great performer with an amazing future ahead of her bringing joy to everyone.

It was quite sometime before anyone knew she could sing or even would want to. Joy is the youngest of four kids and would tag along to performances and showcases her sisters were in. She was always very quiet growing up, but one day a director for her sister’s show asked why Joy was not doing this. And so one of them put her in the show and they found that she was the complete opposite on stage. What a great discovery this has been, now we have another great entertainer. However it was not long before she was singing at her brother’s piano recital, but it was at the state fair that she really took off and did it solo. At the Mississippi State Fair Talent Competition she got up and sang the only song she knew called “This Land Is Your Land” that she had learned in school. This lit the fire in her. Joy says this was the best thing she had done anywhere and wanted to take lessons and be trained to be a real singer. She is certainly a real singer, her songs are all beautifully done. The very next year she went back and won Overall in the Junior Division singing a duet with her brother. Her dad said she has never stopped since.

Joy now with her new-found love for entertaining has been sharing her talents everywhere she can. One day she decided to go to The Jimmy Rodgers Singing Competition that a friend was in to cheer her on and while she was there she asked if she could sing as well. The lady in charge let her sing and wouldn’t you know it, Joy won first place, she was eight years old.  Wow what a great day this was. Joy was also the youngest performer for the Texaco Country Showdown 2012 and came out 3rd place overall. This was the first time she had sung with a live band, she sang her favorite song, “Cowboy Sweetheart”. There were lots of prizes and a poster with her picture on it. She said the entire experience was a blast along with people asking for her autograph. Joy also likes theater and played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at her school. She really loved doing this because it was the lead role and she got to show off all of her skills. Joy has been in many competitions and has placed high in them all, and once you listen to her it is easy to see why she does so well.

Joy Kate at stars2come Right now Joy really loves to cover Leann Rimes. Joy says that Leann sounds great and does a lot of fun things with her voice like yodeling. Joy is fantastic when it comes to yodeling and shows it off really well singing, Cowboy Sweetheart”. When it comes to Broadway her favorite singer is Sutton Foster. Joy likes her style and loves to try and hold the really long notes like she does.

Joy is very talented vocally and she adds so much great character to the songs she sings making her so much fun to listen to. Listening to her two original songs, “The Smallest Christmas Tree” and “It’s A Perfect Day For Fun” you hear the great character that she has bringing the story in the  songs to life, making them even more enjoyable. Joy says the song, It’s A Perfect Day For Fun is a perfect song for anyone, but feels it is more about children being outside and having fun. This song was written by Jimmy Burnevik and was featured on Dance Moms. The Smallest Christmas Tree was written by Kevin Reardon and she believes it is a new classic Christmas song that should be made into a Christmas cartoon. This song tells the story of the smallest Christmas tree that one day becomes the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. She says it is a song about dreams coming true with a happy ending. She would love one day to sing this song at the Rockefeller Center.

Joy has been working on more of her skills which include songwriting. She says she has three songs written and they all encourage people in some way to do their best and follow their dreams. She also says she is against bullying and that is one theme that helps with her songwriting, but in general she likes to write about happiness and encouragement.

Joy’s goal is to continue to follow her passion for singing and entertaining and to use her God-given talent to make the world a better place. One thing is for sure she is making the world a better place already sharing her wonderful talent. When she was asked what she wanted people to know about her she said. “I love to eat at fine restaurants”! Then she said, “I’m just a normal girl who likes to  read and play games, but I really do think that if you set your mind to it and believe, you can do anything”!  There is no doubt she is proof that if you put your mind to it you can do anything and that happened when a quiet shy girl climbed on stage a few years ago. Now that same girl is entertaining and bring joy to many people everywhere. We are all  blessed to have such a great talent to enjoy. Keep track of her music on her reverbnation page.

The Smallest Christmas Tree

Cowboy Sweetheart