J`Rose “Dragonfly”

J`Rose at stars2come



J`Rose is back and it is a pleasure to have her.  J`Rose has one of the biggest hearts that has ever been given to anyone. She has been using this big heart to help, and bring hope to others. She cares about people, and she can bring hope and understanding to those who need it. Many people do things for others because it makes them look better in some way, but J`Rose is different. She knows first hand what hope, caring and understanding really is. With her being an adopted child she knows exactly what all this means and what it means to others, and she knows what reaching out is, and how it felt when someone reached out to her, and took her into their home. She has learned what hope, love and kindness can really do. Now she takes all this, and try and bring a little hope to those who may not have hope, to give inspiration, and love, to brighten someone`s day, and breathing life back into a person`s dream.

J`Rose has been busy with her career, and at the same time taking her big heart to others. She auditioned for “Bring It For Japan” in LA and won her spot in the show. Here she sang one of her original songs, “From My Heart”, to help raise money for the children of Japan on March 27, 2011. This was her first Red Carpet event, and was very exciting for her.

J`Rose at stars2come J`Rose was also in the Optimist Talent Competition in Palmdale on March 5, 2011. Here she sang “Heart Song” and won first place. Also in March she was a special guest to Penny Lane Foster Care Agency in Lancaster, she sang her “Heart Song” for the entire staff and shared her views on adoption. Later J`Rose was invited to Mario and Company radio show in the A.V. On the show she talked about bullying and played her song, “Mean Kids” on the radio.  J`Rose had a big honor come her way. While at the radio station J`Rose met a woman that was the director of a Butterfly Release Memorial. The woman invited her to the event, and was asked if she would sing her song, Dragonfly. There were no other singers invited to this event. The event had a lot of things going on, but being the only singer it felt extra special. The Butterfly Release was for Compassionate Friends, a chapter that helps grieving parents. For people who had died from babies to the brave men and women who died serving our country. This was very emotional for her, but she really wanted to do it, even though it was going to be very sad. At this event she was excited to get to release a butterfly of her own.

J`Rose has some great stuff coming up soon. She has been asked to sing three of her songs both days at Thunder On The Lot on June 11. J`Rose was noticed by Holleman Entertainment Group, when she auditioned for Bring It For Japan. They have hired her to perform a thirty minute set of her songs at the Teen Music Summit in LA  on July 30. This will be her first paid performance and she is honored and excited to have the opportunity to sing at the event in support of  Project Kindle. J`Rose has been getting many great opportunities. She has a special way that she can touch people, and effect their lives. She has the ability to do this on and off the stage, and people are drawn to her and her music.

J`Rose is a very happy person, but feels things deeply. She is strong minded, she believes in peace and caring of others, and don`t like injustice, and will speak out against it. She wants to help make little changes along her life`s journey, she especially wants to do this with her songs. She does make a difference with her songs. Her songs come from no where, but her heart. Her song “Heart Song”, was written about a little girl hoping to be adopted. Dragonfly, was written about a little girl finding a way to hold on to her mom after she had died. She writes these songs in hopes of making things a little better in the world. She is not going to take the bullying anymore and wants to empower other kids with her song “Mean Kids”. J`Rose believes her journey will be exciting, fun, and interesting, and she wants to share so much with so many along the way. She loves life, people and music. She says, she will always stay true to herself no matter what and hopes others do too. There is something magical about J`Rose, about how she can touch someone deep in their heart, about how she can make you feel what she feels in her songs. There will be many live`s touched in her journey, and many live`s changed. She is truly America`s Sweetheart.