J. Rose at stars2come

 J`Rose is one very special young lady. She has a very sweet sound to her voice. This little singer/songwriter will no doubt, touch your heart and you will  love her, not only for her music, but who she is as a person. The songs she chooses and writes has special meaning and comes from deep with-in.

 J`Rose is nine years old and lives in California. She began singing at about three years old. She would sing on a raised fireplace for anyone who  came by.  At about five she started singing for school talent shows and local theaters in musicals. She has an amazing vocal coach in LA , Joanna Stevens. Joanna has done a lot for J`Rose, not only has she helped her grow as an artist, but as a person as well.

 J`Rose began performing around eight years old, at charity events and other places around LA. One of her favorite performances was in 2009 at the Rosamond Children`s Charity Event. Here she got to perform her original song for the first time “Heart Song”. More recently she performed at an event called Artists For A Better World one of the songs she sang here was “From My Heart” this was very meaningful to her because it helped to raise awareness about the need for people to help each other in trying times. J`Rose truly loves to perform, and it doesn`t matter where, even outside a grocery store, if anyone asks she will sing for them, anywhere, anytime.


J. Rose at stars2come

 J`Rose is a very special girl when it comes to writing songs. The songs like most come from experiences, but hers comes from deep-with-in and with great meaning, not only to her, but she hopes they will have great meaning to others as well. J`Rose is adopted and this is where the first song she wrote comes from, “Heart Song” a very touching song indeed. The story behind this song is: She was standing by her window looking outside to the world, thinking of all the kids that does not have parents or homes to call their own. She thought about how lucky she was to have been adopted by her very loving parents and how lucky she feels! She worried about the other kids out there and hoped that others could have what she had, and that night when her mom came to her room to say goodnight, she told her mom that she had a vision of a little girl looking outside a window. Her mom encouraged her to write it down. This is where it began, “Heart Song” is a song that came from deep in her heart and there could not have been a more perfect title than that! Every song she writes comes from her heart, with meaning, and with love, you can hear it in every word of her songs. J`Rose truly cares about others and knows what love is, for she sees everything from a whole different perspective than others. The next song she wrote was “I`m A Lucky Girl” , this title says it all, but I do have to say that her parents are the luckiest of all to have such a wonderful person as J`Rose for a daughter.

J rose at stars2come

 One of the unfortunate things happening a lot in today’s world is bullying. J`Rose has also been a victim of bullying, this is where the song simply named “Mean Kids” comes from. It is about bullies and not being bullied no more. This was her own experience she had at school, and then she decided one day, that she was not going to put up with it anymore.

 One thing that has been real exciting for her is working with Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey at Ark Music. She auditioned for the Next Pop Star, she sang “This Is Me”. She got a call back and started working with Ark Music. They produced a song of her`s “One Step At  A Time”. There is also talk of her touring with seven other new talents in 2011. This would be a great opportunity for J`Rose, her songs need to be heard, the stage is where she belongs, telling everyone her wonderful stories that she has.  J`Rose not only loves to sing, but she loves to act as well. She has been in a couple of commercials and small roles in films. The most exciting role was when she played Jennifer on a TV show, The Tim and Eric Show, she play a very funny girl. The whole crew loved her, they laughed the whole time.

 One of her inspirations is Miley Cyrus, but her most important comes from her parents. It is the support and love they give her, she appreciates them so much, her mom, dad, brother, grandpa, aunt, and uncle they have always been there for her. She would like to say to each and everyone, that she loves them very much. She says, they are all her biggest fans and her cheering section.  J`Rose has such a big heart, that she is certain to help change many lives along her journey. She can capture you with her music and with the person she is inside. This is someone who does not think of herself, but of others. She is able to reach out in a unique way and touch the lives of other people in a positive way, giving hope to those people who are outside the window looking in. Her songs are a great inspiration for anyone no matter the age, one just needs to listen!