Julia Knight

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Julia is a fantastic singer/songwriter. She is some one that has a very bright future ahead of her. Julia gives a fantastic performance, and will defiantly get your attention with every song she sings. She has such a beautiful voice and her talent for songwriting is just brilliant. The songs she comes up with could easily make her one of the country`s top songwriters, with artists begging her to write one for them.

Julia at fourteen years old amazes people everywhere she goes. It is hard to believe that all this wonderful music that she brings to people only started two short years ago. Going and watching her perform is a wonderful experience, because she brings so much to the stage, and not just her songs, but her character and personality really lights up the stage bringing to you a very enjoyable performance. She also began guitar two years ago under the instruction of David McLean, she says, he is a amazing promoter, mentor and friend. She has learned so much from David though his instruction.

It wasn`t long after she began singing and playing guitar that she was out performing. She went to a guitar recital at the local YMCA just six weeks after she started playing. From here her performances grew to many venues around town from Lexjam to the Kentucky Theater. Her first solo gig was September 17, 2010 at Main and Maple Coffee shop in Nicholasville. One of her most memorable performances was at the Kentucky Theater for the Almira Fawn benefit. Here she got to share the stage with many other amazing artists for a great cause to help a fellow musician. Julia had her first big gig December 28, 2010 at Natasha`s in Lexington. She had a wonderful time learning some new songs and performing Black Horse with the Trial N Error Band.

Julia`s songwriting is brilliant. The songs she comes up with and how she puts it all together would stack up to anything that any songwriter in the industry has. Julia is a great performer, but with the talent she has for writing songs she could just as easy kick back on a beach somewhere and write songs for a living. She currently has twelve songs written. She started out writing  at twelve years of age with her first song called “Wildhorses”. This song came about through her love of horses and her horse Wildfire. She currently has 12 songs written, and she says, “Just Live” is a special song for her it is about living in the moment and not getting caught up in the past. Most of her ideas for the songs she writes come from motivational thoughts, personal experience, and relationships. She entered into a singer songwriter competition in December 2009, competing against musicians that had been playing for years and came in third place. That was a great achievement considering  she had only a year experience at the time. Julia will have her very first CD coming out soon titled “Just Live” this CD is sure to be outstanding.

It is obvious that Julia truly loves music, and that love comes out in every song she writes and sings. The impact the songs have on others and the pure enjoyment of being on stage is what keeps her going. She hopes that her music will inspire and encourage others. She has a dream the same as anyone and Julia is working very hard to achieve that dream. Julia performs regular at the Kentucky Theater, Coffee Times, Common Grounds, and Natasha`s in Lexington. Recently she performed in Nashville and after seeing that performance it is for sure Nashville is where she belongs, it was totally amazing. If you would like to catch her live she will be all over this summer. Some of the places she will be are Florida, Memphis, Atlanta, and Missouri. This is all very impressive at only two years into her career. Two more years she just might be coast to coast.