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Hannah is bringing to Nashville what they have been starving for, a fresh and unique sound with a bit of mystery. When watching Hannah, you look into her eyes, and wonder, who is this person, then she begins to sing, and WOW! Her delivery of a song is incredible. She has so much charisma, that it radiates through her music. All these things combined is quickly making her a internet sensation. Hannah’s music has only been on-line for a very short time, and with only four videos, and each one reaching into the thousands. Many people always asks how do artists like her get so big. The answer is, quality. Each song has to be delivered so that listeners can feel the emotions, and on camera that the artist brings the expressions visually to where anyone watching believes the artist is truly living the song. Hannah does all this and more, making her one of the best up and coming young country/pop artists.

Hannah is not only new to the internet, but also a new artist. She has always enjoyed singing, but had never really done anything with it, until she was hurt doing gymnastics, and had a lot of down time. While she had all this down time, her dad started playing the guitar and she would sing. There was a studio that was offering free studio time in trade for someone to come in and play and sing. They made arrangements to go in and make her first ever recording. She recorded, “Rolling In The Deep” along with the help from a few friends in her gymnastics class who happen to be musicians. They also made a video from this cover, and this was brilliantly done by the director and Hannah. Hannah’s blank look on her face made you feel, that she is telling this story from deep inside her heart. She was nervous about shooting the video, and was a bit uncomfortable having the camera so close to her face, but when she seen the finished product, she understood everything.  Then she recorded “Who Says”, and it all took off from there.

Just Hannah at stars2comeEverything she has accomplished so far has come with very little training. She has had a small amount of coaching, but what she has gotten has come from some amazing people. Hannah took a couple of lessons from, Kim Wood Sandusky, who happened to have coached Beyonce. Also some coaching came from Kim Morrison who sang back-up for Ray Charles, and she has also sang back-up for Hannah. For the most part Hannah is simply, a natural. There is something inside her that allows her to understand a song, and deliver it with great precision, that captivates her listeners. Only a true artist can achieve this and Hannah is one of the greatest at this art.

Hannah says,  she is use to performing in gymnastics, but when it came to her first live singing performance she was a bit nervous, and she appreciates the artists that don’t ever seem to be nervous on stage. She performed on the main stage at the Nashville Palace, it was a nervous, but exciting time. She says, it is much easier to perform in front of strangers than it is friends. Hannah’s singing has gained her a lot of attention, this is something that she is not use to, but she is having lots of fun.

Hannah has brought some great music and videos to her fast growing fan base. Here recently she recorded, “It Will Rain”, with the help of her friend, Tiffany Alvord. This proved to be one of the best duo recordings all year. The chemistry was perfect, you could not have asked for a better match up, it was spectacular.   Prior to this she shot, “Stereo Hearts”, and this was creativity at it’s best. This was a mix of pop and rap and could easily be a number one if this song made it to the air waves. Ashlynn Skyline created the music and Matt Bacca was the rapper making a fantastic blend  to the song.

When it comes to singing it is important to be able to make a song your own, cover or original, and Hannah does this very well. This is one of the things she likes best about singing, taking any song and doing her own thing with it. Hannah says, she doesn’t really have any expectations with music, but will watch and see where it leads. She loves doing it for fun and wants to keep it that way for now.  If she does become successful in music she would like to support organizations like Happy Tales, and the work they do by adopting out pets from puppy mills.

Hannah has been doing gymnastics since she was three, and is a champion. She has accomplished this through a lot of training, hard work and dedication. It takes the same amount of effort to make it in music. Hannah is proof that if you enjoy something so much that you are willing to put the work into it, you will succeed. She has not been in music for that long, but her efforts have made her a champion.  All anyone has to do is listen, and her voice will take you away and bring the emotions out.  Hannah is one of those artists that appears out of no-where and takes the country by storm. She is a remarkable artist and person that posses the talent and creativity that most only can dream of having. Hannah may not know it, but she is a true superstar on the rise. She has a beautiful voice and the charisma to take her anywhere she wants to go with music. A beautiful person and voice, you just can’t get much better than that.