Justin & Burnham

justin bieber at stars2come

 Justin Bieber as everyone knows is a teen sensation and rightly so, he is so amazingly talented with music. Growing up with no music or vocal lessons has taken the world by storm. All this started by simply putting up videos on YouTube. Just like many others , he also put up videos to show family and friends his music. A lot of people however soon discovered Justin and his fan base grew rapidly. He had a lot of creativity to the songs he would put up , putting his own flavor to the covers he made. I think this led to his great popularity and made him an icon of YouTube. To do what he does is nothing more than pure natural talent. I think the love of what he does is what made him stand out so well and the reason so many love his music and has had millions of views to his channel.

 After being discovered on YouTube and signed to Island records he has gone from superstar of YouTube to a superstar of TV and radio. Still with the love of music and hard work every song he  sings people are going crazy over them. His CD sales are soaring and concerts are through the roof and now YouTube is full of people covering his songs. He is destine to become one of the all time greats and many more are hoping for the same. Since his discovery on YouTube , music videos has been popping up by the millions from young artists around the world. Hoping someone will discover them.     One thing that truly amazes me is that Justin has only been singing about three years. There are millions who have been tring to get discovered for years,  it only took seven months for Justin to be seen and now from singing around the house for fun to touring the country, a truly awesome thing and well deserved.  One of my favorites by Justin ” So Sick ” is awesome.


burnham at stars2come

 Burnham is another destine to rise to superstar status. These guys are an awesome group I have loved their music for some time now. The brothers are Forrest , Alex and Andre they also have a love for music and when it all started for them it was all in fun. Making most of their videos at home they did an awesome job with them. These guys have made it through determination and not giving up. Since my first article on these guys they have really taken off.  How ever it did not start that way , they had been turned down by several labels but they never gave up. Then Burnham auditioned for Island Records and they seen something special about Burnham and now they are signed. Burnham also had videos on YouTube but their success was through determination and not giving up , as many do. These guys do have an awesome sound together I was hooked on them after they posted their original ” Headspin “. They are a fantastic team each one bringing something special to the group. Forrest the lead singer , he has such an amazing voice and he connects so well with people and has so much fun when he performs , he is a joy to watch. Alex the lead guitar has some mad skills when it comes to playing anything. Andre he can really jam on the key board.  I am sure that Burnham will be major throbs with girls chasing after their tour bus after every concert.  Unlike Justin , I have had the pleasure of talking with Burnham several months ago and they are just as they seem , very down to earth people and having a blast doing what they do. I for one congratulate them on their success they truly deserve it.    Their new song ” Catch Me if You Can ” is fantastic.

 Now Justin and Burnham are together touring the country with Burnham opening for Justin. Both make a great combination they all have fun with what they do. Although I have never spoken to Justin , it does show that he is also very down to earth and I know they are having a blast traveling together. Island Records certainly knew great talent when they seen it and done what many others were afraid to do ,  sign two great young performers . I would love to see these guys perform in person but unfortunately they are not coming where I live but , to all of those lucky enough to see them I am sure you are in for an awesome concert….