Justin Tinucci

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Justin is a fantastic singer/actor. He is gaining great popularity on stage and behind the camera. He was in a great film called, “Goat Island”, with D.J. Caruso and Val Kilmer. This film was shot in Georgia, and the story is about two kids in the 80’s who gets stripped naked and left on a island at a summer camp. They ditch the camp to avoid humility, then they are reported missing, and on their adventure there is a lot of heart warming side journeys. Justin’s character name is Butch, he is sort of the bully with a soft spot, but in the end becomes the victim. He has also been the guest star on the series premier for season five on, Big Love.  He has come a long way since his first acting project, which was a commercial with Jamie Foxx for the BET awards. He will have a great career as an actor. With these big name people that he has worked with on his resume, will certainly help him move up in the acting field.

Justin has been making a big name for himself in front of the camera, but he has taken off quite well with music as well. He is a awesome guitar player, and for only playing for two and a half years, he sounds like he has played for many more. After he saw some movies, concerts, and friends playing, he thought it was so cool. He bought a cheap guitar and now he loves it. He plays  sometimes four hours a day, but now he plays a Gibson Les Paul. He is now part of a band with, Gabe Feldman, Hunter Craig, and Zach Callison. They have been working together now for about four months and they are sounding amazing. They are starting to work on some original songs. One of their songs is called, “Nation Enslaved”. Justin tries to stay away from writing about girls, and concentrates more on the crazy things teens do.  They have been performing at a lot of small clubs and venues. Their biggest so far has been in front of about 300 people, which was a ton of fun for him. He said, the stage was huge and they were able to move around a lot. Justin has a lot of style when it comes to playing guitar, and he never misses a note. He is just amazing to listen to.

He does fantastic with all he does, but he is also taking his talents to new heights, literally. Justin and his sister are pro indoor skydivers. They have been doing this for six years. He says, you compete similar to pairs ice skating. A team of two creates a synchronized routine with a bunch of flips and tricks, and it is based on technical difficulty, synchronicity, and originality.  They have competed in, inter nation competitions against pro skydivers. For a while they were the only kids team.

Justin is just full of talent. He is a winner at everything does, and his accomplishments  so far are amazing. He is someone that is not afraid to work hard for what he wants, and loves, and it is all paying off. You can keep track of Justin at, IMDB.