Kadie Lynn “The Big Voice Of Texas”

Kadie Lynn at stars2come




It has always been said that Texas grows things bigger than anywhere else and boy does that hold true for the big voice Kadie holds. Kadie Lynn is the big voice of Texas and once you hear this beautiful young lady sing you will understand why. Kadie is only ten years old and already has a voice that can not be matched by someone twice her age. This girl will keep you in amazement and enjoying every note she sings. Kadie has the power and skill to make you cry or make you pat your feet to the beat, she is the new star of Texas and she is shinning bright. Just like the Alamo, Kadie will stand the test of time and brighten people’s lives  for a very longtime to come.

Kadie took right off in her  journey at the ripe old age of two. At two years of age Kadie made her debut performance at the Tolosa Baptist church. It was not long after the church that she made her first stage performance at the Hayseed Opry. Then by the age of five she had auditioned and made her way to the Rodeo City Music Hall in Mesquite. However, here more recently she performed at the Rodeo City Music Hall singing, “Angel”. This song truly shows off what her brilliant voice can do. Angel is a hard song to sing and takes a great deal of control to pull it off, which most adults cannot do correctly and yet here is Kadie at ten years old singing it beautifully. This is just outstanding, and she holds the entire audience in her hand the whole way, not a sound was made, only a true artist with true talent can do this, and wow just brilliant.

Kadie Lynn at stars2comeKadie has spent a great deal of time on stage since she began, and in all of her performances the professionalism she has you would think she had been performing for thirty years. It is obvious when watching she has gained a lot of respect from those who come to listen.

Here in the up coming 2014 you can find Kadie at the Arlington Music Hall. It is a very hard and lengthy process to get to perform here, but Kadie’s big voice pulled it off. If anyone is in the area this will be one show you will not want to miss.

Kadie loves to perform and she does her part for charity. She has sung at many benefits, and is always willing to use her talent to help those in need. She has also performed for the Shipp Family Gospel Cruise Fest on a cruise ship and in the Bahamas. She is an annual entertainer for the SFGCF and you know she owns the place when she is on that stage. Kadie performs because she loves lifting up people’s spirits and what a better place to do that than a Gospel show.

Kadie has sure been putting a lot of smiles on people’s faces with that amazing voice of her’s, but that voice has won her several awards also. She has come in 1st place in 2 karaoke contests and two years ago she competed for the Gun Barrel City July Fest. At this contest she did not win, but was asked to come back and opened for Kevin Fowler and Vanilla Ice. She also competed in a contest for Enjoy Radio where the listeners called in to vote for who they wanted to perform at a gospel concert. Kadie was in the top eight and got to perform at the gospel concert on stage with some very well-known gospel artists. Kadie competed for two years in a row for the Rural American Idol where she won 1st place in her division and 2nd, 3rd overall. This won her a cash prize plus an all expense paid trip to the National Farmers Union Convention where she performs along with the other 1st place division winners.

Kadie has had a great experience with being on Ci-Tv which is an internet TV station out of Dallas. She has been on this show twice this year with an hour spot each time. She has also been on three different radio stations, The Ranch, Texas Red Hot Radio, and Texas Gospel Radio.

Kadie is a great entertainer and is a big fan of Reba McIntyre and enjoys covering her songs, but she has written some of her own. She started early on writing, but it was not until here recently that she got her first registered with BMI and there is a second coming up soon. You know these songs are going to blow people away.

Kadie is a ten year old girl who loves to sing, play piano and guitar. She hopes to someday be a professional singer and an inspiration to others. She hopes to be able to change people’s hearts for the better. There is no doubt that Kadie will be an inspiration, change people’s hearts and be an entertainer, because she already is. There is no way that she can sing anywhere and not touch people’s hearts. It is clear that God has given her a great talent and a big heart of her own which is heard in everything she sings. Just like in the song she sings, Angel, she is in the arms of the angel and that angel is guiding her way, and the angel’s voice is heard through Kadie. Kadie wants to do all she can to raise the spirits of the people she entertains and her singing Little White Church will do just that!