Kailey Nicole Swanson

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Now here is someone you don`t want to miss out on. Kailey is a fantastic singer and actress. She has made a lot of great music and the tone she has is one of the best around, it sort of has a bit of a Taylor Swift vibe to it. She is one of those people that she is right on the edge with her music, that it could be pop or country. People who are on the edge this way often gets a big jump into star dome.

Kailey is one girl who took right off in her career. She began when she was seven years old. She had always loved the theater. Her first theater performance was in a show called “Dear Edwina”, but she had always dreamed of being in the American Girl Revue in LA. She went out to LA for an audition, and was cast as Laura and performed for seven months at the American Girl Place Theater. From this she has remained in LA doing theater and film. Over time she has been in many theater productions. She is currently playing in a production of  “Gypsy”, and is playing the role of Dainty June. This will run through July 3.  Kailey is no stranger to film and TV either she has been involved in many projects, one of which was a short film called “The Legend Of Beaver Dam” which is winning awards all over the world including the Sundance Film Festival. She is also amazing with voice overs. Kailey is a recurring voice on Disney`s “Special Agent OSO”.  She says, she has been blessed with so many film opportunities and being able to meet so many amazing people.

Kailey did start out in theater, but it was not long before she began writing and moving into pop/country and got into performing around LA. When she started her writing she was co-writing, but now she does it all herself. Her first was “You Can`t Break Me”.  She has finished another, and says she is very excited to get into the studio and record it. Like most Kailey has been involved with vocal contests, but that really is not her thing. She loves to sing and does it for fun. She just wants to sing and be able to express herself, and reach someone emotionally, and hope to make a difference.

Kailey loves acting and singing and hopes to never have to choose one over the other. She just loves doing both. Kailey feels blessed to be able to follow her dream. She loves God above all else and is humbled by his gifts. She is very grateful to all the new friends she has made at home and around the world who gives her love and support. Kailey is someone who truly does appreciates the things that comes along in life and all the people that helps her. She is a very sweet girl, and does an amazing job with singing and acting. Kailey is well on her way to living the dream, and it is going to be very enjoyable watching her get there.