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In the small town of Farmingville NY you will find a bright young artist rising up before their eyes and this wonderful young lady is, Kaitlyn Poli. This young lady first hit the stage with a band she met at Smithspoint Beach Hut, The band at the time was called Sweaty Betty, but now they are known as Rattlesnake Dawn. At first she thought she would be really nervous, but after she got up there and started singing it felt like that was where she belonged, right at home. After her performance the lead singer Diane told her she could come back and sing anytime. This first performance sparked some excitement in her and she knew this is what she loved and wanted to do. She said it was exciting having everyone dancing , having fun and clapping for her. She has come along way considering that she is just twelve years old and only started singing about three years ago.

Kaitlyn really enjoys performing with the School of Rock and at one of the performances she loved singing, Kiss by Prince at Off Key Tiki. Then another time she was performing with the School of Rock she loved singing Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder at 89 North Venue. She said she loved both of these because while she was on stage she felt like she was someone else, it is like the music just takes her over. It was so much fun for her doing this and the audience enjoyed her performance so much that on her way off stage she could hear them cheering for her. One of the great things performing with School of Rock she gets to cover a lot of her favorite artists. She has done shows that covered Stevie Wonder, who she thinks is a brilliant artist and all of his songs are in her range. Kaitlyn also did a show that covered Michael Jackson, this show was called Tribute To The King Of Pop. She really loved doing this show because she loves his lyrics, like Man In The Mirror it is such an emotional and inspiring song. Kaitlyn loves so many songs that she does not think she really has one favorite artist, she just goes by the song and how it makes her feel as to what she wants to sing.

Kaitlyn loves performing and has entered many contests in different places, but unfortunately has not won any as of yet. She has a wonderful attitude when it comes to her performances, and does not allow herself to be discouraged because she doesn’t win. She uses these contests as learning experiences and looks at what she may need to improve on for the next time. Because she recognizes mistakes that she makes, she is all ready a winner. With a attitude like this she will be one of the few that will grow in music and come out a winner where it counts and you will be listening to on the radio. The important thing is when it comes to performing she can be herself, and just let the music take her away. She loves to make people feel good, happy and for them to want to get up and dance. Each time she gets on stage she challenges herself to do better to impress the crowd and to touch their hearts while singing a meaningful song. When she is on stage with a band she feels very comfortable and forgets about everything else. She says music is an escape for her like for some, it may be books but, she finds the escape in singing and writing. It is a indescribable rush for her to come out on stage and start singing and her them cheering you on.

Kaitlyn like many artists has gotten into songwriting and doing quite well. She has written many songs but has only managed to put one of them to music. She has a friend who is a songwriter as well named Kevin Nevel that helps her write her songs. He took her finished song to his studio and put music to it, and when she got it back she could not believe that it really was her very own song. She said she sang it to her mom with the music and, she cried. This is a slow acoustic ballad, and the first time she sang it out in public was at The Suffolk Theater. She said it felt so good to be on stage singing something that she had written herself. She also says that most of the songs she writes are to let out emotions that she is feeling at the moment. For her songwriting is like capturing a memory in a song instead of a picture. She writes songs so that hopefully the listener will be able to connect with it and bring some meaning to them in someway.

She has had some great things happen lately and one of them was being signed by manager Taylor Morrison of Taylor Morrison Music. She will be heading to Nashville soon to do her first professional recording and video. She is very excited about this. Kaitlyn also has more great performances coming up this year, she will be doing more with the School of Rock as well as a couple of fundraisers, one for sarcoidosis on August 24th at McCarthy’s Pub and for Tunes For Tots raising money for the Make A Wish foundation on November 10th at The Bitter End in NY. All these events will give her more chances to do what she loves to do, get on stage and sing. Be sure to keep up with what Kaitlyn is doing by stopping by her pages regular, YouTube, Reverbnation and Facebook.