Kaitlyn Thomas “A true Aussie”

Kaitlyn Thomas at stars2come

 Kaitlyn has been very busy since she last appeared here. She has many great new videos, and very enjoyable to watch and listen. Kaitlyn is so much fun to watch, she does great with her vocals, but some of her videos you can tell she is truly having a blast doing them, and she can really put a smile on your face. She made one video called G`day G`day, she did a spectacular job on this, her vocals were amazing and had great imagination when making it. This video is a total joy to watch.

 Like many places around the world, Australia is no different, there is a major problem with bullying. Unfortunatly Kaitlyn has been a victom of this, but she is taking a stand against bullying  like many people around the world. She is joining forces with others to help put a stop to this non-sence. Kaitlyn auditioned for a commercial centered around bullying, this will be aired on all channels across Australia. Kaitlyn is not a bully herself, but in the commercial she will be playing that part. She doesn`t mind doing this, she just wants to help bring awareness to the problem. Hopefully more kids will get involved like Kaitlyn to put a stop to this.

 Kaitlyn has also  auditioned for the Australian Opera La Boheme. It wasn`t long after her first audition that she was called back for another. How ever she is not classically trained, but she loves to singing so much she did it any way, the song she sang was Castle On A Cloud. She did get some help from her vocal teacher prior to going, but it was a short notice kind of thing. Kaitlyn might have had a couple of things in her way with this audition, but she came out on top winning the part. This is who Kaitlyn is, she is a person who believes in her self and is not going to let anything stand in her way, and her attitude is paying off greatly. She doesn`t wait on others to do something, she jumps in and gets involved.  Just like for the flooding that occurred in Australia she became a part of a flood relief video to help those that suffered from the flooding. Kaitlyn, Millie, Cassie, and Shaeligh all took part in this video, and they all should be commended for their efforts. This video was featured on the channel 7 news in Queensland. Kaitlyn has one big heart. Not long ago she got to do something very special. They traveled to Bali, here is where her mum got married, and Kaitlyn had the greatest honor of all to sing for the wedding. Her mum, said there wasn`t a dry eye in the house.

 Kaitlyn is such a wonderful person, there is a lot of people that can learn from her example. She works very hard at what she does, and is always there to lend a hand or a kind word. For the kind of person she is, there is certainly a lot of great things coming her way. Thanks for all you do Kaitlyn…G`day