Kaitlyn Thomas


                                                                                                           Kaitlyn is a darling little performer, nine years old,   she lives in Victoria Australia.  Her mom says she has been singing since she could talk but started two years ago on stage.  Kaitlyn has been with the Johnny Young Talent School in Mill Park ( JYTSMP) for five years. She is learning tapp , ballet , jazz , singing , acrobatics , hip hop and guitar . She is part of the young stars Show Group and performs regularly at festivals and shows singing and dancing.  Kaitlyn`s singing teacher is a big supporter of her . Kaitlyn`s mom says she works really hard learning new songs , changing them up and working on her high range .

   Last year she was chosen to perform at Disneyland with JYTSMP , she got to sing and dance in Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Universal Studios and the main street parade at Disney she was very excited over this. Below is Kaitlyn performing with JYTSMP at the Royal Melbourne Show.

                                                                                                            Kaitlyn also places every year in the Ballarat Royal South Street performance she always attends singing and dance competitions to gain experience . Kaitlyn most certainly has the passion and drive to be successful . Her attitude is one of the best. She went to the Australia Got Talent auditions even though she did not make it , she tells her mum ” it`s ok mum I will do it next year” . now that’s great attitude!  Anyone that has these qualities as Kaitlyn are going to be winners. Kaitlyn has so much to offer that she is going to have a fabulous future.  I can tell she is having so much fun making her way there and_ that!  might be the most important thing is having fun doing what you love to do.  For Kaitlyn that`s performing in front of people anywhere possible. She also is a part of a campaign to get Young Talent back on TV , you can join the campaign with her , as I did. Please take time and support Kaitlyn and the campaign. I would like to thank Kaitlyn`s mom for the great information.