Karlijn Verhagen

Karlijn Verhagen at stars2come Karlijn from the Netherlands can wow you or steal your heart with her beautiful voice. She can go from something high energy that you can dance to, or get serious and make you feel every word in a song.  The range she has in her voice is amazing and the control she has makes Karlijn,  a pure joy to watch, she is very professional, but yet fun. When she is on stage it shows very well that she loves to be there.

 Everyone can thank Karlijn`s mom for buying a Barbie DVD, when she was six years old, because this is how everyone discovered how well she could sing. She would sing the songs from the Barbie DVD, and her mom was amazed at how well she could sing these songs in a short while. From here she started to sing Dutch songs from a Dutch children`s choir Kinderen voor Kinderen. Once a year the choir will have a contest for kids 8-12 to sing a song from the Kinderen voor Kinderen repertoire. In this contest she made it to the finals three times, and when she was eight she sang for 700 people with a live band, this was her first stage experience. From this experience she found her love for music, and her love to entertain.

Karlijn Verhagen at stars2come

 The first time Karlijn sang in english was at a song contest near her home. She was eleven at the time, her and her mom thought there would be more kids at the contest, but it turned out that she was the only one. After two prelimanary rounds she came in second and she won her first prize. She did another performance at the Brielle`s Got Talent, here she won first place and got 250 Euros, a photo shoot and another performance on stage. After her performance here she was interviewed by a regional TV and got to sing on TV as well.

 Karlijn started playing the guitar recently, and it will be great to see her performing with it. She has certainly gained a lot of fans with her music. She loves to entertain people and to see the expressions on their faces, that really makes her happy. She would hope to be famous one day and sing and perform everywhere. She does how ever loves gymnastics, dogs and her girlfriends as well. She would also love to come to the US and become as famous as her biggest inspiration, Christina Aguilera. With the talent that Karlijn holds it would not be supriseing for all her hopes and dreams to come true.