Karoline Rhett, “Brave”

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The anticipation is finally behind us, Karoline’s new EP “Brave” has now been released. Waiting was tough, but it was well worth it. Karoline has out done herself on this new EP containing five songs, four brand new and one amazing remake. Throughout the EP, the dynamics and passion she has shows in every song.

Over the years Karoline has released three CD’s with the third, Brave showing just how great her growth has been, especially in the past year. “I am so excited about where I am right now. It has been a year of growth for me” Karoline says. It is believed by Karoline that it was signing with PCG Nashville that helped her grow so much this past year. “I have been blessed to be able to work with some of the best writers, vocal coaches, performance coaches in the business” says Karoline.

With the exception of Melody, Karoline co-wrote all of the songs on Brave. The writers that were involved with the EP are, Margaret Becker, Britton Cameron and Dough Kahan. Karoline enjoyed working with this team of writers. “I loved working with all of them. They are brilliant writers and I learned so much from each of them” says Karoline. They are all great songs on the EP, and they each have a special meaning to Karoline. “When writing each song, I either had a subject on my mind or was in a certain place in my life where it had meaning” Karoline says. She also says throughout all of this, her writing skills have grown so much.

Karoline Rhett at stars2come  The title song, Brave is very well crafted from the lyrics, to the melody. It is a song that keeps you moving with the beat. The message in the song, Karoline delivered flawlessly. Karoline co-wrote Brave and was based on the fact that there are so many types of relationships that are toxic. “I wanted to find a way to help people find the strength to get out of those relationships” says Karoline. Brave is of the highest quality, with the lyrics and melody flowing in a hypnotic way making you feel that you really are, Brave.

Ordinary, is another song off of Brave, but anyone that knows Karoline, knows she is not ordinary at all. Karoline has always been her own person, and when it comes to music, there’s certainly nothing ordinary there. However, the point of it comes from the fact society puts too much emphases on looks, especially, girls. “It makes us all feel like we are always being judged. We need to learn to love who we are. Some of the most beautiful things in the world are basic, meaning ordinary” says Karoline.

Soon after the release of Brave came the release to Karoline’s new video, Ordinary. The video was shot with an all white theme which is perfect for many reasons, one of which, it shows just how elegant Karoline is. However the color scheme was chosen because white indicates basic, meaning ordinary. “White is also an extremely beautiful color. So the color white may be ordinary, but it is certainly beautiful” says Karoline. The song Ordinary, does make you look at what’s wrong with Ordinary, nothing!  “There is a line in the song that says; Scoop of vanilla on a sugar cone, That to me sums up how awesome ordinary can be” Karoline says. The video Ordinary does have something to say, and fun to watch. The ending is great with the smashing of mirrors. Karoline says, “I think that was my favorite part. It was great seeing everyone take that bat and smash the mirrors”.

Now that the release of the EP Brave has come to be, Karoline will begin promoting the EP everywhere she can. She is also hoping to shoot another video from one of the other songs on the EP. Whatever happens with that, she will be continuing to write more songs.

All of the songs on the EP are of the highest quality in every way. The animations Karoline creates in her voice when she performs the songs makes them no longer ordinary, but, extraordinary. Get your copy of Brave here at, karolinemusic.com. Be Brave, be Ordinary, it’s a beautiful thing.