Karoline Rhett, I’m The Melody

Karoline Rhett at stars2come


Over the past few weeks the anticipation grew more and more awaiting the release of, I’ The Melody. Karoline finally brought the long wait to an end on March 13, 2015. On this date the video of I’m The Melody hit the internet and her fans were delighted to no end. The video and performance were so incredible, that it was an over night hit. This video continues climbing in popularity awarding Karoline with many new fans and over nine thousand views in this short time.

 I’m The Melody came out originally on her CD, Melody. Since her first recording of the song, it has become clear that her voice had now changed a lot from that time. This song is one of her favorite songs on the CD and wanted to record it again due to her voice changing. She had been planning to do a video for the song, so it only made sense to go ahead and redo I’m The Melody. Karoline has always felt connected to this song from the beginning. She loves the way it makes her feel when singing it. “The rhythm and lyrics just make me come alive when I sing it” says Karoline.

The video is a lot of fun to watch and showed very well how much the camera loves Karoline. Not only did everyone get to see just how gorgeous she is, but it also captured how charismatic she is as well. She has a natural ability to connect and draw people into her world. This is what is driving her growing success as an artist and continues to send her video I’m The Melody higher.

The video is fun to watch and everyone had fun making it. The story line came from the producer of the video, Patrick Tohill. Karoline said they loved the idea of family and showing gratitude to her fans. In the video you will find Karoline’s parents Karen and Rob. Her parents usually stay in the background, but she could tell they loved being part of the video and she was proud to have them there. Karoline’s favorite part of the video is when she surprised her fans played by, Taylor Gayle and Gabe Rockwell. To be able to surprise her fans by doing something likes this, is something she hopes to do one day.

 Along with making her new video, I’m The Melody, Karoline has also been putting together a new CD. There’s always excitement coming from Karoline and this new CD has it brewing. She is keeping her fans on the edge of their seats with teasers as she develops the songs.

Karoline is co-writing all the songs to be on the CD. For now it is slated to have five recordings, but she hopes to return to the studio for another with the remaining songs she has written. She says she has thoroughly enjoyed writing. “It is the coolest thing to see all of your thoughts and words come alive in a song” said Karoline.  She says the only thing that could make her any happier is to be singing them on stage.

Karoline Rhett at stars2come  Karoline has yet to choose a title for her new CD, but she already has favorites. A song called Ordinary is one of those songs. It is a song about how there is nothing wrong with just being you and how no one should change who they are for anyone. Tiny Heartbreaks is another song she is in favor of and it is one she used to tease her fans. It is a song about a relationship ending and the survival of the break-up. The teaser for this song is crafted so well, it makes all of us fans eager for the coming finished product.

This past year up to the present Karoline has remained busy. She has made many trips to Nashville working on her craft and recording, but she has had a great number of shows. Locally Karoline has done many private events as well as fundraisers. The largest was The Cooper Bridge River Run in Charleston, South Carolina. This is a performance she will never forget. When she was chosen to be one of the performers she knew right away she wanted one of her best friends by her side, Beamer Wigley. He did join her and they were located on the top span of the bridge. The route they performed on had approximately, 30,000 runners and walkers coming through. This experience is something that will stay with her for a longtime. While performing, the runners and walkers came through and they actually stopped listened and danced to the music that they were providing them.

Whenever possible, everyone needs to experience Karoline live, find a time that fits and go watch. Coming up this year she can be found at Country Fan Jam in June, in Nashville Tennessee. In September, Karoline will be in Dallas Texas performing at the Festival of Hope. This festival is a lot like Live Aid held in 1985. It is to be one of the largest charity and music events ever. She is a must see, no one will go wrong attending one Karoline’s shows.

When it comes to being an artist no one can survive without fans. There is no one that cares more about their fans than Karoline. Every chance Karoline gets she spends a lot of her time chatting with her fans. Her fans have been dubbed, Karoliners. She says they are the most amazing, supportive, and loving fans in the world. “Every day, they make me smile and I really hope I do the same for them” says Karoline. As a witness to some of her performances there are smiles everywhere you look when she is on stage, with the biggest one right here.

Karoline reaches out to her fans new and old with nothing, but kindness and they stand firm by her side. She works hard to take care of her fans as well as her music. Karoline has a craft that is built-in to her being. She is without doubt talented, but it is her dynamic voice and ability to ad-lib that will put her on top of the Country and Pop charts. These characteristics she has can’t be taught. You can hear it all in her songs and it flows so natural. The dynamics in her voice allows her to perform any song serious or not. This keeps the listener focused on the song and feeling every word. Her ability to ad-lib separates her from so many other artists. Anyone can sing what is written, but it takes imagination and fearlessness to inject highlights between words or phrases. It is these things that adds character and flavor to all of Karoline’s songs. She can be bold as in Big World or subtle like she has done in Tiny Heartbreaks. Karoline is so original and unique no wonder people love her. I’m The Melody is a great song everyone needs to hear and see the video, but it is also who Karoline is. Karoline is The Melody, it lives in her soul, just listen.