Karoline at stars2come




The best way to describe Karoline is, magnificent! She has some serious vocals and there is something special about her that seems to bring life to her music, it is not the same old, same old stuff. There is something in her personality that not only makes the music good, but fun, she just has so much character, and that brightens your day listening to her. One great example is her song “Big World” off her CD “Stirring Rainbows”. This song is sensational it should be playing on every radio station in the country. This song is so much fun to listen to, it has an awesome beat and melody, and her character really shines through, no one could have delivered this song better. The song was written by her producer, Joe Taylor. The song is about people talking about people, not in the most positive way, and you not letting it get to you. For her she feels it touches on the terrible epidemic of bullying and how we have to stay strong. The video for “Big World” lets her feelings of bullying come through, but she portrays it is a fun and enjoyable way, and still gets the point across.  A lot of people when making videos that deal with bullying are usually good, but is depressing, in this one Karoline is all smiles from start to finish. It was a great new and creative way to tell the story. She said, it was so much fun making the video and the dancers were awesome. They ended up traveling all around LA, and Hollywood Blvd. shooting the video. She says, it was a lot of work and long days, but she will never forget making her first video. The dancers in this video are awesome, there is not a move out of place anywhere. The dancers and choreographer  Matt Steffanina, definitely gets two thumbs up! Big World is a perfect title because it is a big world and Karoline will own it!

We should all be thankful for Amy Grant, if not for a concert she held one Christmas when Karoline was three years old we might have missed out one one of the greatest up and coming artists. Her parents took her to a Amy Grant concert, and during the show Amy asked if and children wanted to get on stage and sing with her. According to her mom, she was on stage before she could even ask. Karoline says, she will never forget that as long as she lives. At that moment she knew that this is what life was all about.  Since discovering this, she has gone on to have many great performances. One of her favorites was singing the National Anthem at the Family Circle Cup in 2011. She did a show this past Christmas for a fund raiser called, Sister Care. She performs every year for the Charleston Animal Society’s annual Paws in the Park.  People are truly hearing the great talent that she has. In 2010-2011 she won the Junior Idol for Charleston SC. She was a finalist in AMTC (Actors, Models, and Talent Competition) in the singing category for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.  She was also on a TV show for Millie Lewis and AMTC. This was a interview to showcase Karoline’s journey with AMTC and Millie Lewis.

Karoline says, there are three people that inspire her for music. The first is Katie Perry, because she loves her craziness and the way she connects with a audience. Adele is right in there as well. She loves everything about her. She says, Adele is so classy and has the most amazing voice. Taylor Swift also wins a place with her, mainly because she has not changed one bit since her career took off.

Like most great artist Karoline has been doing some song writing, and you can find three of them on her CD “Stirring Rainbows” . There is one that means a lot to her called, “He’s Just A Boy”. She wrote this one for a friend who was hurt by a guy she really liked. Karoline was trying to make her feel better, and it did! She likes to write about things that are going on in her life, because if she sings it, she wants to be able to feel it as well. She thinks it is very important to feel all emotions of a song. That is a very true statement many people just sing the words without no idea what the story is, or if it means anything to them, but Karoline brings the feelings right out.

Music is something that is very important to her. For her singing is like breathing. She says, she wants people to know that she is like everyone else and will always be and she wants to always be known as a nice person. Karoline certainly is a very nice person and cares very much about her fans and friends. She will always take the time from her busy schedule and sit and answer everyone’s messages and comments they leave on facebook. This is another thing Karoline does that many  will not take the time to do, talk with their fans. This is so important and Karoline understands this. She says, if it were not for her fans, she would just be singing to herself.

Karoline has a big show coming up on June 2nd, it is called, Wonderfest. This is a big event held locally to celebrate the end of the school year and beginning of summer. This year she is the headliner and will be putting on two shows. If anyone is anywhere near Charleston be sure to go see the shows, you can bet it will be one of the best you will see and hear! Karoline is tremendously talented, and a sensational performer. Karoline is an artist that has the makings to become one of the one of the great ones. South Carolina may end up having to change their name to, Smoke’n Karoline, because she is burning up the state with her music and you can bet soon she will be country wide.