Kate and The Howlers

Kate and The Howlers at stars2come

There’s some big exciting things happening in Alabama and it’s Kate and The Howlers at the forefront of that excitement. This talented group of five, have been burning up the stages all around Alabama. They have a great sound, great energy and the crowds love them wherever they go. The band itself is well tuned making a good and balanced sound. Kate brings to the group a good quality voice and a  great tone that blends well with the band. Once you hear them it is easy to understand why they are so well-loved.

Kate and The Howlers are made up of four boys and a girl, their names and positions in the band are: Kamp McMinn twelve on drums, Paul McMinn twelve on bass, Will Hurley thirteen on keyboards, Will McCowan thirteen on guitar and mandolin and Kate Howell twelve lead singer. This is a perfect match of talent, each at the top of their game leading the group to be wanted by many.

In the beginning the boys were playing in Mason Music’s Rock Band League. Then in January 2014 Kate was placed with the boys and in the summer of 2014 it was officially decided to call themselves, Kate and The Howlers. The boys say that prior to Kate joining they were starting to jell, but when Kate joined them they knew they had found their singer. The group had their first gig together at Blackwell’s Pub in Cahaba Heights.

Since they made their debut gig together at Blackwell’s Pub, they have played many gigs and continue to remain booked. They have gained a few favorite gigs over time. Will Hurley says he liked Boutwell auditorium in Birmingham because so many famous people played there, FloraBama at the beach, and the DEKE house which is a fraternity in Alabama. For Will McCowan it was Exceptional Foundation Chili cook off, he liked the huge crowds and lots of chili, Saturn’s Radio Free Birmingham, “I feel like it was the best sounding gig” says Will. Paul is big on the chili cook off as well, he likes it because it’s for a good cause. Kamp is in on the cook off and the DEKE house. Kate loved the FloraBama because it was on the beach.

Kate and The Howlers have done well and has gained recognition. The awards and placement in various contests has helped in that recognition. So far they have placed second in the Jam for Sam battle of the Bands, they have won a couple of times at Mason’s for 13U and have won their schools best band in ArtForms.

The band has a great original song out called, Acrophobia. The song was basically put together with the help of them all lending ideas to it along with the help of some others. “We co-wrote it with people at Workplay. They asked us about ourselves and used the information we gave them to come up with the foundation of the song. We built it from there” says Kate. This is a song that everyone needs to hear.

Aside from their original song, there’s many other artists they enjoy listening to and covering. A few of the artists are, Head and the Heart, Red Hot Chili Peppers they like them, but do not cover and Amy Winehouse. Paul really says it the best about favorites and music. “I don’t have a favorite, but our twist makes any music fun” says Paul. He is right, when you listen to their music, it is their own spin that makes it fun.  And when people go anywhere to see and hear a performance, they are looking to enjoy themselves and have fun. Kate and The Howlers provide that fun and that’s a big part of why they are in such demand.

As a band it is about entertaining people and that is one of the reasons they love performing so much. They say it is exciting to put a show on for people and hear the compliments as well as to be able to hangout on stage with friends. Of course playing music for a large crowd is the best. They all hope to make it big and be famous one day. Paul says to play for the rest of his life is what he is looking for. Kate would love to travel and see the world while making music.

There are a few things the band would like people to know about them individually. Paul loves playing the bass, but he also loves playing guitar. Will Hurley says he seems more serious than he is, but his band-mates get him. Will McCowan besides making music he enjoys many other activities like golf, fishing, hunting and football. Kamp says when faced with a challenge he stops at nothing to overcome it. Kate she is in love with New York. What a great group of people who likes many different things and come together making great music.

If you would like to catch them in action they will be at the DEKE house again and soon headed to New Orleans. The whole band is looking forward to their trip to New Orleans at the end of May. They are excited about playing the streets in New Orleans. If you are in New Orleans be sure and find them.

What a powerhouse of a band Kate and The Howlers are. They are such a tight band no one is out of place, they are a group that you can just sit back and enjoy all day. Good bands that are tight are not always easy to find. It is clear they spend a great deal of time in rehearsal and it is really paying off. Anyone in need of a band, this is the one to hire, they are will entertain everyone. Amazing group!