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Katia is a powerful new teen sensation that is taking the country by storm. Originally from Miami she has hit LA hard with her edgy style of pop and not holding anything back. In her video “The Girl Can’t Help It” shows how fearless she is; not afraid to bring it and tell her story the way she wants it told. This video offers it all, a beautiful girl, “Katia”, great music, and excitement. Her artistry in this video has caught the attention of many people; it has only been up for a short while and has already gained close to quarter of million views. That is no great surprise with her talent as an actress and for Katia to show yet another side of her artistry by co-writing the song. The song is about girls who fall in love with the bad boy types, but they can’t help it because those boys always capture and break their hearts. Katia says this song tells the story of her first love and how hard it is for her to stay apart; at the end love does conquer. In the video you can see quite well where destiny is trying hard to keep her apart from her love, but love takes over and keeps them together. This song and video are true artistry at its finest. Katia is a megastar on the rise and Beyonce might as well move on over because there is no stopping this Latin princess from Miami, nothing is going to hold her back.

 The great new pop wonder Katia Nicole was born in Miami; gaining inspiration from her mother as she was always singing around the house while she was growing up and by the age of nine, Katia had started singing, thus beginning her great career. She had always loved performing around the local areas of her hometown in Miami when she was starting out. Her first performance however was at a Freestyle venue in Orlando Florida. Since her start she has had many performances, but her favorite performances have all been for charity events. She wanted a way to be able to assist in helping people with their causes, be of help to her community and to be a leader.

Katia gains a great deal of inspiration from Jennifer Lopez because she worked her way up in the industry from a dancer. Katia says Jennifer has a very humbling story and is an amazing artist and role model for young Latin girls. Like Jennifer, Katia loves to entertain people and make them happy with her creative music and dancing. She wants to make sure that anyone that comes to see her will see a great show. Katia loves to see a big smile on her fans faces. She works very hard, not only to bring fans a great show, but ultimately to be signed and go on tour with a major artist.

Katia is a great artist, but she is also an actress. She has appeared on The Burn Notice, and has been in a few commercials. She was also able to participate as an extra on the smash movie hit “Step Up 4 Revolution” and “Disney” Latin webisode. She will be on a reality show coming up, one that shows how hard it is for kids trying to make it into the industry and the trials and tribulations they go through.

Just like many young people that try to make their way in the entertainment industry, she too has been through a lot on her journey. Katia has been ridiculed and bullied. She has been made fun of by kids, parents and professional people. Even through all the hard times she has learned to be humble and to be kind to people. She says no matter what, you have to keep pushing towards your dreams, goals and aspirations. All of this has a lot to do with why she chose to take the edgy road with her music, because life is not like the movies, it is hard, tough and many moments of shattered hearts. Katia also says that kids now a days want someone real, and  someone they can relate to. She has brought just that through her style, lyrics and the way she carries herself artistically and personally. She wants her fan, family and friends to know that no matter what image she carries she will always try to be respectful in what she does.

Katia has so much going for her career and can always count on a great performance from her. It is for sure no fan, friend or family member will be disappointed with any of her shows. All of her shows will be completely entertaining and professional. Katia has all the character, skills  and the style that will push her into the megastar category making her to be the one everyone will be looking up to for inspiration. On stage, “she” is unstoppable!