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Katie is from Georgia, and is one amazing songwriter, she has the gift when it comes to writing. The songs she puts together is #1 on the charts material. Not only can she write great songs, but she can deliver them with all the meaning, and emotion that makes you think when you listen.

Katie is into pop and country, but for her first live performance she sang a song from, Bing Crosby, “Accentuate The Positive” for a 600 person gala fundraiser in her hometown. She got to sing with a jazz band, and it was a thrilling experience. In 2011 she got to sing one of her original songs, “Up To Me” at the Martin Luther King Celebration in Atlanta before a crowd of 1500. She had another amazing experience when she got to sing for the first time on a Nashville stage in June 2011. She performed at the Listening Room Cafe where she was a finalist in The Nashville United Way Ad campaign. She says, that it doesn’t matter that she did not win because the crowd was awesome, and she got to meet the drummer for Lady Antebellum.

Katie’s song, “Up To Me” won the ArkMusicFactory music video contest last August. Her song, “Who I Am” was a semi-finalist in the International Song Writing Contest. People everywhere is seeing and hearing how great a songwriter, and artist she is. Katie is tremendously talented in her art. That is exactly what she is creating with her songs, “art”! Katie’s song “Who I Am” deals with bullying, and it is saying always be who you are and stay true to yourself no matter what the people in the world throw at you. This is something that everyone needs to always be, true to themselves. There will always be ups and downs, but you should always be who you are. Katie is always writing something, currently she has seven songs written and recorded, with several others written, but not yet produced. For right now her song, “Born For This” is one of her favorite songs. It is a story about how she writes songs and how she feels that she was meant for this. She was for sure born to write, it shows in all her songs. Her song, “Born For This” got the attention of Patrice Wilson who is the creator for Rebecca Black’s video, “Friday”. He invited her out to LA to produce and film the video for her song. This was the first time that he was not the composer of the song. This was an amazing opportunity for Katie, and she is proof that with quality comes opportunity. Katie, is quality! Patrice now plays all her music on his PMWLive Radio Station.

A lot of her inspiration for music comes from many of today’s pop and country artists. Katie particularly likes Dolly Parton, because her music has stood the test of time. With Katie’s creativity she will be one just like Dolly, her music will stand the test of time for many generations to enjoy. She also likes Stevie Nicks and Jennifer Lopez, because they are talented artists and great stage performers. Katie just loves singing so much it gives her a great avenue for personal expression, and addressing social issues or just plain having fun. That is truly what it is all about, having fun.

Katie does have a very bright future ahead of her. The ability she carries for music will take her many great places in life. There will be people many years from now talking about Katie’s songs, and covering them at festivals and local events around the world. Stop by and check out all her great music Katie Belle Akin .