Katie Steel

Katie Steel at stars2come

Katie is an artist that is going to blow the music industry away! This girl is so full of heart and passion, that all you can do when listening is say “Wow” over and over. Katie is the real deal and there is nothing that will stand in her way. Her talent as an artist far exceeds many and her star quality shines bright from head to toe and she will be bringing that star shine to the masses for many years to come.

The brilliance that Katie possesses began showing its self in the 5th grade. She was a very shy little girl always afraid of being called on and certainly never talked. Then it happened, her teacher announced that they were going to put on a show about jazz music in front of the school and parents, and that she was going to be Ella Fitzgerald. Katie thought that maybe she would only have to say a few words, but then the teacher told her that she was going to sing. The song that she was to sing was  “A Tisket A Tasket”. The teacher did not let Katie down, she gave her the confidence to get in front of the crowd to sing. Ever since this day Katie has not been able to put the microphone down. We want to be sure and thank the teacher that gave her this opportunity because without that we may have missed out on one of the most amazing artists around.

Now that Katie is singing on a regular basis, this is who she has become. When she sings it simply takes her over. She says that music and singing is what she feels, if she is feeling sad it will show in her singing and if she is excited her voice will become even more powerful. A great example of her becoming the music and her feelings showing through is her cover of Beyonce’s, “Listen”. Watching the video of her the power came through clear, and the emotions was exceptional. Katie didn’t just sing the song, she was the song! Brilliant!

Katie had an amazing experience on a trip to Jamaica where she sang for a children’s orphanage. She said it was amazing to see all the smiles spread across the children’s faces and you could really see how grateful they were. This experience is one she will never forget. There is another performance that sticks with her as well and that was her performance of the National Anthem for her figure skating rink. Katie says what most people don’t know is that she used to be a figure skater, and when they were putting on a holiday show, she got to sing the Anthem before the show started.

Katie Steele at stars2come Here recently Katie was on the Teen Nation Tour and she said this was an experience she will not forget. She said she got to meet many other talented artists and travel to states that she had never been before. The schools and areas they went don’t have a lot of assemblies, so it turned into a life changing experience to see how moved and appreciative they were. Katie said it reminded her that we can’t take what we have for granted. She also says that in every state someone touched her and she hopes she was able to touch someone as well.

While the tour she was on was a No Bully Tour, she says she has not been bullied herself, but knows others who have. There is one girl that stands out to her from the tour. After her performance a teacher came up to Katie and telling her about one of his students being bullied because she sings. He introduced them and she told the girl that it was ok to be different and she should embrace the things she was good at. Katie got her to sing for her and the whole class, it was truly a moving time for Katie. At another school there was another kid that kept catching her eye while she was performing. Whenever she would look over he was out of his seat dancing like no one was watching. She said it was so awesome watching him because that day she was a little sick, but seeing his big smile and him dancing, she knew that he was there for her to help her feel better that day.

She got to meet a lot of other amazing artists on the tour who were also interested in spreading the word about the anti-bully movement. Katie says that a lot of times people think young artists are self-absorbed and unaware of what is going on. She also says that because  they are teenagers, they know about peer pressure and about being the different one who is being talked about and disrespected in social-media. This tour was about all of them standing up doing something for all their friends and for all the kids that have been bullied.

The Teen Nation Tour allowed her to do many performances, but even though it is over for her for the time being, she does perform every week somewhere, leaving lots of time for her fans to get to see and hear more of her.  If you would like have liked to have caught her on tour, not to worry she will be heading out again on the Teen Nation Tour in January in San Antonio, so be sure to catch one of the shows. She says she cannot wait for it to begin, she will be promoting her new single during the tour called, “Tell Me I’m Pretty”.

Katie is an amazing artist who loves giving back all she can, she is just as passionate about that, as singing. She is always giving back, and her mom tells her that when she becomes famous, she will be the poorest famous person because all her money would be given away to the less fortunate.

Who is Katie? She is heart, passion, she “is” music. The heart Katie puts in her music makes anyone stand up and listen to what she has to say in the song, she will touch you like no one else can. One of the best things about Katie is that she is real, there is nothing pretend. Katie Steel will soon be an artist who is loved and admired worldwide and the world has been waiting for another great artist and now they have it. Katie Steel, brilliant!