Katya Ryabova


  Katya is one beautiful young lady with a big voice. I love the style this girl has when she puts on a performance it is , amazing to say the least. What she does is pure brilliance. For being only thirteen years she is for certain has talent beyond her years. In her performances she has the power to capture the audience and this is why she is a major award winner.

 For such a powerful singer she only started singing when she was eight years old. I for one am glad she started the world needs to hear Katya , it would have been a shame for this young lady to have gone unheard. The control she has and her delivery is immaculate. I am not the only person to notice so did Junior Eurovision where she came in second place in 2009. Junior Eurovision is the largest organization that recognizes young talent , to come in second here is excellent. Katya has really been taking home a lot of awards everyone seems to love her voice ( I love it too ) . I will share a few of these awards with you..she was the winner of the International Festival “Windrose-2007” , winner of the third great showcase for the Moscow region-2008 , winner of the International Music Festival, Children and Youth “Celebration of Spring 2008” in Czech , bronze medal of the Seventh Youth Delphic Games in Russia , Diploma of musicality and artistry of the Second World Delphic Games and  Winner of the Governor’s festival-competition “which begins with homeland . This is truly some great achievements and in my opinion she deserves every one.


 Katya is also involved with a children’s theater singing , “SvetAfor ”  and apprehend musical instrument in the school after Flier. 
She has been performing on TV for eight years doing a variety show , and  ” she says ” , she makes some of her own clips. She has been in the studio for  classical ballet ” Fairy Tale ” for six years.

 In her free time  ” she says ” , she likes to play with her sister and hang out with friends. She also loves to sing and dance , play the piano and video games . Katya when she grows up wants to be a director and be in a movie and of coarse she will definitely sing. She is already going to be in a amature film , they are currently working on the script.  

Katya I am sure will accomplish her dreams the Folk music she sings is brilliant and she has a way bringing you into that era when she sings it. Katya belongs on TV she has an ellegance that really shines and the characters she portrays are done flawlessly. The best thing about music is that it does not matter where a person is from , if the music is good it is good.  With Katya it is certainly very good , one great voice….