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We have a wonderful young lady back with us. Kayla Jo has done some amazing things since her last appearance here. She has put on some great performances, and very rewarding. Kayla is someone that just continues to grow as a vocalist and performer. She has made some great videos in the past few months, that include not only her, but her sister, and a collab with another wonderful artist in Australia. Kayla and her sister Chloe put on a great performance at a talent quest in July 2011. They sang a cover of Grenade by Bruno Mars. In the video of them it is very clear that Kayla`s family is full of talent, and Kayla and Chloe covered that song wonderfully. She also done a collab with Daniel Shaw covering Heartbreak. They did a great job bringing the story to life, very believable. The video was shot by both parents, and was very creative.

Kayla has performed in many places in the past few months. One of which was at Silverwater for the International Netball Championship Australia versus South Africa singing the National Anthems of both teams with the school choir. She really enjoyed doing this because, she says, it is great to do something nice and get a thank you at the end. Kayla makes a great impression where ever she goes to perform, and she has been well rewarded for her abilities taking first place several times.  In March 2011 she came in first place at the Junior Talent Quest Grand Final Cabramatta Talent Quest. Then in July she picked up two more first place titles one at Merrylands Star Search junior division 2011, winning one thousand dollars in vouchers, and the winners were printed in the Parramatta Advertiser. The other was at Bonnyriggs Got Talent here she won a lap top among other great prizes. She really liked this she says, that the lap top helps her study. Just recently she performed for the McDonalds performing arts challenge, which is the largest singing event in all of Australia. Here she competed against 23 other contestants to the age of seventeen. Kayla took third in country seventeen and under category, this was a great achievement because she was the youngest performing in that section.

Kayla loves to perform for a live audience, and gaining the experience that comes from it. She would like to be a regular for Young Talent Time TV show. This is a show that will be on next year. This TV show would certainly benefit by having such a wonderful talent on their show. In April she did a live broadcast interview on 99.3 FM radio 2NSB`s “Breakfast in Bed” morning show. She sang two songs for a segment called “Rising Stars”. Also in April she was interviewed by Charlie “Babyface” Curmi TVS digital 44 networked for G.day Malta Aussie TV show, and showcased Kayla singing Empire state of Mind video on air. She is currently in rehearsals for a musical called Seusical, she has been for the past six months, the show will take place this month. Kayla does so many great things that it would take a book to bring them all to you. She is a person that never fails to bring her fans some of the best music, with that wonderful voice of hers. Take time to stop by her channel and listen to some good music and keep up with what is happening. Be sure to say hi while you are there, she is a very sweet girl and appreciates all her fans. Kayla Jo