Kayla Nettles

Kayla Nettles at stars2come

 Kayla, has star written all over her. She is one amazing person, and the professionalism she shows on stage is just outstanding. After seeing her on stage, what comes to mind is a young Crystal Gail. On stage her hair is so straight and long, and presents herself in much the same way as Crystal, right along with the beauty.

 It was known by Kayla`s parents by the age of two that she would be a singer, she would sing along with not only nursery rhymes, but the radio. Her dad played in local bands and would often bring her on stage to sing and dance, performing songs like the Scooby Doo theme song. Kayla really enjoyed all the attention she got from doing these performances. She  began taking vocal lessons when she was five with Susan Gabrielle and continues with her, and also works with Jonell Polanski. She also works with Brett Manning for important performances and recordings. When she was ten, she got some exciting news,  she was excepted to the USA World Showcase which was held at the  MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. This was the first time that she performed in front of so many people and this show was televised. When she was eleven she performed with the band Rip/Chord, this was on the 4TH of July at the  Appalachian Power Stadium in West Virginia, they played in front of thirty thousand people. Kayla performed  here for two years in a row and found herself interviewed by TV and radio along with the band.


Kayla Nettles at stars2come

 You can often find Kayla performing  for the Nashville Spotlight showcases and TV show, the Hard Rock in Nashville, and every June at SParks in the Park in Milford Michigan. She loves performing around Nashville singing at writers nights, at Pucketts, Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner, and the Listening Room. If you are looking to catch one of her performances, there should not be a problem with her performing in so many venues. She does appreciate people who come to her shows and enjoys her music.

 Kayla is also very talented at songwriting, she has currently twenty songs finished, plus working on many more. She plays various instruments, this helps her a lot when writing. She has played the piano since she was five and began getting serious with the guitar at thirteen. Kayla is currently working on a CD. She is working with Jeff Huskins and Brian Agee, she has recorded at the Tracking Room and Ocean Way studios, she says, this all has been amazing! Kayla has such a great attitude when it comes to music, and her dedication is sure to make her dreams come true. She works very hard at all she does, all this hard work is really showing in her performances. Kayla truly puts on a great performance, one you don`t want to miss out on..