Kayla Starr

Kayla Starr at stars2come Now here is a bright young girl, with an old sound. Kayla, brings the fabulous oldies back to life. She not only performs these songs wonderfully, but she has that oldie sound in her voice, making these songs sound as if they were made yesterday. While most people are covering the current pop songs, she has gone back to the 50`s and 60`s era where some of the best songs ever written comes from.

 Kayla is a wonderful singer from Long Island, New York, and she has a remarkable beginning. Many kids begin to sing very early in life, as did Kayla, but with one difference. When Kayla was very little she couldn`t hear, so instead of singing, she would hum. After her hearing was fixed, she really took off. She says, once her hearing was fixed, she would watch Annie and Grease, over and over, and sing Tomorrow and Hopelessly Devoted to you about a million times a day. Then her uncles birthday came up and she didn`t know what to get him, so her mom said for her to sing something from the 50`s, since he is turning 50. After looking through YouTube at the music she discovered that she really liked it. This is when she got into oldies and began her singing career.

 She doesn`t take vocal lessons due to the fact that the type of music she sings, there really isn`t anyone who teachs this, but she does get a little help for her breathing and control. Her main coaching how ever comes from the real 50`s and 60`s singers, she performs with them regular and they give her advice.

kayla starr at stars2come

 Kayla says, she chose oldies because she could connect with the songs easily. She loves to sing for older people, they are so happy when they hear these old songs come back to life. She does perform some pop, mainly to show people that she capable of more. With her voice she could perform anything she wanted and it would come out beautifully. Some of her favorite performers come from some of the best of that era, like Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, and Frankie Lymon just to name a few. All these people has made some brilliant music, and probably some of the most famous.

 Kayla gets a lot of her inspiration from watching performances from the 70`s  and under. Unlike performers of today, then there was no fixing of the voice or fancy lights or dancers. The people on stage were real and captured the world by just simply singing a song. These people were the start of pop and rock`n roll. Kayla doesn`t like all the extras, she enjoys just watching people sing.

 Normaly Kayla is shy, but when she steps out on stage she is at home and it all goes away. She loves to get out there and perform, and watching how happy people are listening to her. She is great performer, but she is also your normal thirteen year old, who likes to sing. Kayla also likes acting, doing plays at school and at local theaters, she also likes to cook, loves pigs, and the show Glee. She would love to be a singer on stage traveling the world. One of the things she likes most is when she goes to perform at a nursing home, she says it really makes everything worth it. One experience that she will never forget was at a nursing home, a lady had to be wheeled out in her bed. This lady just lays there all day, but after Kayla finished a Connie Francis song the lady talked and the room went quiet. She started crying then thanked Kayla.

Kayla is a great example for others, it shows clearly that it is not necessary to go along with the trend to make a difference. It is who you are as a individual that makes all the difference, and Kayla is proof of that..