Kayla Stockert “A True Artist”

Kayla Stockert at stars2come




Kayla has always been sensational, and her cover of the oldies certainly will bring back memories to anyone who is from the era. Many from this current generation does not know how great the music was during that time. Kayla for years has been bring those old songs back to life, and the voice she has for these songs fits the era perfectly. In the past people felt that she could not sing anything else, but oldies. What everyone fails to realize is that it takes far more talent and confidence in one’s self to sing these old classics, and Kayla has all this and more. For all the people who think the oldies is all Kayla can sing, think again. With the experience and knowledge she has gained from the years of singing oldies, Kayla now has three great original songs, and they all show what she is truly made of.

Kayla has come a long way and is making an even bigger name for herself. She had an idea for a song, but she needed help. When she was performing at the Sony showcase she had run into the Como Brothers, they are great musicians and writers. Her mom wrote to them to see if they could help, and once they heard the idea that Kayla had, they were happy to help. They helped her out with some new words and melodies. This gave way to her first original song, “Don`t Go Messing With My Heart”. This song is one that could easily be #1 on the charts if it ever got to main stream radio. It is a brilliant creation, mixing a current sound with a bit of the oldies giving it a great “retro” sound. Outstanding! This was all developed at Vudu Recording Studios in Port Jefferson. Troy Flynn the engineer knew what Kayla was wanting as well as the Como Brothers and put all this together to make one of the best songs out there today. The Como Brothers also wrote two more songs for Kayla and they are both sensational. One of her songs “What They Say” has a bit of a country with a pop vibe, kind of a Taylor Swift sound and the other “Your Love” is a great pop song. All of these songs shows off the great diversity that Kayla truly possess.

She had a great experience this year, getting to perform for Simon, Demi and LA Reid. This was a pretty big performance for her. They found her to be very unique. Even though the out come was not positive, it was however a positive experience for her. She wants to be an artist, she loves to sing and wants people to listen to her music. She says the whole experience will make her work harder for her dreams to come true.

Kayla has been working on a few more new songs, practicing the piano and has even picked up the guitar and has found she really enjoys it. She likes being able to use her experiences in her songs. She will be working on a new video for “What They Say” in December. Kayla is still planing to continue to work with the Como Brothers and doing a few oldies shows. Kayla has proven, that she is not just a singer, she is an “artist”.  It has always been said, not to judge a book by it`s cover, well Kayla is the perfect example of that. There is so much to her, and now she is showing everyone just what she is capable of doing. Never sell anyone short, especially Kayla!