Kaylin McClure

Kaylin McClure at stars2come

  Kaylin is a girl that everyone is going to love, she has everything it takes to become a major artist. This girl may be small, but there is nothing small about her voice, she can really belt out the songs with amazing power and control. Kayin is a pure delight to listen to, and if you ever get a chance to see her perform live, by all means go, you will be very glad you did.

 Kaylin is a eleven year old Georgia farm girl, who has always had the ability to recognize notes and sing on key from a very early age. She will often get a song or melody in her head and when that happens, she doesn`t stop singing. Kaylin started vocal training with a great teacher from Tricia Grey Studios about a year ago. Kaylin has not been letting this great talent of hers just lie around, she has been sharing her amazing voice all around. She started with school talent shows and karaoke at local restaurants. Last summer she got to perform with a live band for the first time at Tootsie`s Orchid Lounge in Panama City, Florida and she was a big hit. She has also been performing with a rock band called “The Taask” which is made up of kids all her age. How ever her biggest audience will be coming up on March 3rd when she sings the National Anthem, at Phillips Arena for the Atlanta Thrashers pro hockey team for an estimated 20,000 people, and (when this happens she will gain 20,000 new fans).

Kaylin McClure at stars2come

 This past summer she sang for a regional contest in Atlanta called “Kennesong” and won singing, Hearts “Barracuda” this was for eighteen and under. Kaylin also made her first appearance on the Nashville Spotlight TV show, which will be aired on Channel 9 in Nashville in February, and plans more recordings for the TV show.

 Kaylin is beginning to get into writing. She has  one that was co-written, and coming out soon on a demo EP. She does have a couple of originals out now written by Derek Toomey “Kiss On the Wind” this is one fantastic song, and another called “Your First”. All these original songs will put her above many others, they are what gets you recognized. When it comes to music she is very diverse, she has grown up listening to Patsy Cline, Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Carrie Underwood. All of this has been molding her into who she is as a performer, and being able to tackle singing anything, from country, to pop, and rock, and her voice fits in very well with it all.

 Kaylin does love music and is very creative, but not just in music, but in art as well, she is great at drawing and sketching. She is also a very caring person, often takes time out to sing at local nursing homes and to support special needs children. This is one small girl with a very big heart. Kaylin hopes to continue to develop the talent that God has given her, and to entertain and touch others with her music, but she is also a normal little girl who loves school, cheer-leading, friends and family. This beautifully talented young lady has a lot going for her. When she comes to town, she is someone you truly don`t want to miss. In a short few years down the road if you happen to lose track of Kaylin and wonder what is happening, well just look at the top of the charts, and there you will find her!  Please stop by her youtube channel Kaylin McClure