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Kelsey a wonderful singer/songwriter from Iowa. She is one young lady that just might take the country music industry by storm. She has  always done her own thing from the very start. This was made clear when she was little and her mom was trying to teach her nursery rhymes, and Kelsey put her hands on her hips and said, “no mommy I am going to sing my own songs” ! At only the age of two she was making up her own songs and that put her well on the way to being the great song writer she is today.  Almost all the music she has sang are originals, with very little covers. Kelsey made her first public performance at age four, singing the “Grand Olde Flag”, she brought it all to the stage on this first one, complete with dancing, cartwheels, and back flips. At age nine she sang “Listen to a Country Song” at the county fair, and after this she was hooked. Music has been her life ever since.

She began to play the guitar and her songs that she was writing started coming to life, and her creativity began to shine. She was soon performing for nursing homes, churches, and school. It was not long before people would ask her to come and perform at their festivals, fairs, and other events. Unfortunately this all came to a halt, when she came down with a mysterious illness. She was often hospitalized for a week at a time. During the illness she had lost a great deal of weight, and with many surgeries they could not figure out what was wrong. One day she went to a special children’s hospital  and they discovered that it was pancreatitis. By this time it was getting scary for her, because none of the treatments were working. She could no longer do many things, like sports. Kelsey loved sports, and gymnastics was one that she was involved in for a long time. Now it was just her sitting at home too weak to even play her guitar, then after a great deal of time she began to feel a bit better, still weak and dizzy but better. Once she got strong enough, she picked up her guitar and started writing songs, she ended up with ten songs in three days. Soon she began performing again, still not up to par with her health, but she got out and done her best. Kelsey performed in a few contests winning most all of them. She won the Colgate Country Showdown and opened for Gary Allen. Then December rolled around and she found herself in Nashville recording her first CD, made up of all her own songs. Kelsey said, that being sick was a blessing in disguise. It helped her find her gift for music, and that God cleared out all the clutter to where all she had left was music. They finally discovered her illness, as POTS Syndrome, and can keep it some what under control with medication, but in time she will grow out of it.

    Kelsey Klingensmith at stars2come          She has one amazing vocal coach, Judy Rodman, and Kelsey just loves her. She is learning how to sing properly in order not to hurt her vocal cords, and so much more. Kelsey has also co-written a couple of songs with Judy, and one of her favorites is, “Who’s Gonna Stop Me”.  One of the lines in the song is, “spread some love and change the world, bust through walls like super girl. Kelsey says, that is how Judy makes her feel, just like “super girl”! Super girl is just what Kelsey is, with all that she has been through and come out performing in more places than is possible to tell about them all. She has over 100 performances just this past year, but one of her performances that she really enjoyed doing was at the CMA Fest. She got to perform on the Power Zone Stage, and people just kept coming up to hear her, and the crowd kept growing. It was a awesome experience for her.

 Kelsey has been noticed by TV as well. She has been on TV several times for interviews. She has been on ABC-KCAU channel 9 Iowa three times for singing/songwriting and her CD release, as well as her anti-bullying songs. One of her anti-bullying songs, “I Am Somebody” was chosen to be in a documentary titled, “Bullied” on MTV, to be aired in January.

Her songwriting is just incredible. Kelsey has written over  90 songs so far. Five of these songs you can find on her CD, “Live, Laugh, Love”. This CD was her first that she rerecorded last December at the age of eleven, all five songs written by her. She is getting ready to start recording her next CD this coming spring. It is planed to be a full ten song CD, all written by her.

Kelsey is so thankful for God’s blessing and love. She says, without him she would not be able to do any of this. She is also thankful for all of the kind people who believe in her and have supported her in many ways from donating money, to leaving her a kind comment on her YouTube video, to singing the lyrics to one of her songs at her shows or  to do a interview. There is not many out there with the true passion that Kelsey carries for music. This is who she is, it is her life. Everyone should be so grateful that Kelsey is still here with us bringing so much wonderful music, and the joy it brings from listening. She is one that truly appreciates everyone for what they do for her, no matter how big or small it is. There is nothing but kindness that comes from Kelsey. The songs she writes,  always has something in them that everyone can take away, and see a part of their own lives. For someone to be able to take something from a song, the songwriter must be creative and be able to see the world and their-selves clearly, and Kelsey has this gift. Don’t ever miss any of her songs, because if you do you just might be missing out on a part of your own “life”. Keep on top of her music at