Kelsie May

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Kentucky has produced many great artists from Loretta Lynn to John Michael Montgomery, and now there is another rising up from Eastern Kentucky and that is the beautiful and talented Kelsie May. The artists that come out of Eastern Kentucky always have a distinct sound to their voice that is like no other anywhere, and Kelsie is carrying this very same tone. This tone makes for some of the most beautiful and memorable music and has always stood the test of time. Now it is Kelsie’s turn to shine and she is already making great impressions on people with her music. She is the kind of artist that will not only win the hearts of country lovers, but pop as well.

As amazing as Kelsie is, she didn’t start performing in public until here recent. She is fourteen years old and she had just barely turned fourteen when she first took to the stage. On March 16, 2013 she made her debut performance at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  She had just prior to this signed with Lyrick Promotions and PCG Nashville. There couldn’t have been a better way for Kelsie to kick off her career.

For someone who is just starting to get out and perform she is doing very well. Kelsie got to perform as a special guest for The Road to Fame talent quest, and was thrilled to be a part of it. This was special for her because the president of PCG Nashville Bernard Porter was there along with another aspiring artist Brooklyn Woods. She says this is a favorite show of her’s because of how it turned out. Just a year before she had missed the deadline to compete in the Road to Fame contest by just a month, and now she not only got singed by two companies, but got to perform as a special guest as well. Another memorable performance was performing at East Ridge High School. This was a charity event for the school and was the first time she realized what amazing fans she had.  There was a family there that really stuck out; it was a boy and his parents. They sat in the front row and after the show they came up to her and shared their story. Dustin Abshire, the young boy had been in an ATV wreck that left him in a wheelchair. Dustin was so touched by music, that his mom would play Rascal Flatts songs for him while he was in a coma at the hospital. One day while listening to one of the songs he actually was able to wake from the coma. They are now some of her biggest fans.

Kelsie May at stars2come  There has been a lot of good fortune to come Kelsie’s way, and in a short amount of time. Kelsie is now with the pristine PCG Nashville, they are the top of the line with artist development. This turns out to be a case of; you never know when or where someone will spot you. For Kelsie, John R. Carlin of Lyrick Promotions listened to one of her YouTube videos one night and then got in touch with her parents. He then sent the video to Bernard Porter of PCG Nashville, who then called her parents to discuss his company and for her becoming a part of it. Kelsie is now a part of it and says words cannot describe what an amazing experience this has been. She also says that everyone she has worked with has treated her like family.   Kelsie is looking forward to continuing her journey with them and seeing what her future holds with them.

Music has always touched Kelsie and she feels so grateful to have the ability to touch other people with her talent. She loves how the crowd reacts to her music and being able to interact with her fans. She is hoping to continue to grow her fan base and be a positive role model.

Kelsie does write songs as well. She has written several, but with only two recorded at this time. These two songs are, “Young Love” and “The Same Way”. These are both great songs, but Young Love is a special song for her. This was her first original song that she had co-wrote with one of the writers at PCG Nashville. She loved this song so much because it is such a different perspective on love and can relate to everyone. She gets a lot of her ideas for her songs from personal experiences and she reads a lot and draws ideas from that as well.

Even though Kelsie is doing a lot of amazing things, she is still just a normal 14 year old girl out chasing her dreams and hoping to inspire others with her music. She gives all credit to God, because she knows without him none of this would be possible. Kelsie says she has worked hard for all that she has accomplished and will always do her best to please her fans.

Kelsie’s fans will have plenty of great opportunities to catch her live this year. She has several shows booked, the Hatfield and McCoy Memorial show June 8, September Fest in Louisa, Kentucky Friday September 6th, the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky September 14th, and The King Coal Festival Williamson, West Virginia on Saturday September 1st. Be sure to catch her at one or all of these events.

Kelsie is on a great journey and she is the kind of artist that will appeal to young and old alike. Unlike many artists Kelsie is gifted to where she has no boundaries, she will be able to touch people everywhere, and every age. She will make a great role model for others because she has her heart in the right place. There will be many looking to follow in her footsteps.