Kentucky’s Singing Sensation! Brooklynn Paige Conley


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 Brooklynn is one little girl that is turning heads everywhere she goes. She just recently turned ten, and she is being booked for events as much as a year in advance.  She has such a big voice that people have a hard time believing what they hear. Almost every time she steps on stage somewhere people often continue to go on about their business, until she opens her mouth and sings that first note, then everything comes to a stop, and all eyes and ears are on Brooklynn.  You look around and people’s faces are filled with amazement, and joy. Once her performance is over, one after another, people are stopping her to talk, get photos, and autographs, they all know that she is something very special.

 Brooklynn was made for music.  If there is a song she wants to learn she can literally do it over night, and sound like she has been singing it for years. She loves the older songs from Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, and when she gets on stage singing these songs, she brings it all back to life. She does it with such perfection, that if you was not watching, just listening you would think it was Patsy and Loretta. Where she’s  from in the Eastern part of Kentucky, you can bring her name up to anyone and they all know exactly who you are talking about, and they have only the best things to say about her. Her fans are growing far past the Eastern part of the state, as the demand for her performances are rapidly increasing everywhere.  In September she made her way to Nashville, singing at the Nashville Palace, and the Hard Rock Cafe. In all these places people loved her, with a non stop flow of new fans coming by and congratulating her, and to talk. While on stage at these places all the chatter in the room stopped when she began to sing, then picked up again, with the chatter being about Brooklynn. Soon after Nashville she did a performance at Renfro Valley, it is one of the oldest country music stages in the country. She was there as a special guest for the main entertainer, Jeff Watson. After her performance the owners of the arena stopped her and asked her to come back for a much larger show. This is the way it is everywhere she goes, no one can get enough of her music, and it is also the way she carries herself on stage, “she” entertains people!

Brooklynn is making a very big name for herself, and it is about to grow even bigger. The Mountain Arts Center, where she performs at regularly has started taping for a TV show, and Brooklynn was the first person they called for the show. She has done the taping for her part of the show, and it is amazing. There is no set time for the airing yet, but there is some footage of some of taping that you can enjoy. Seeing her on TV might well become a regular thing in many people’s homes. Not only will she be seen when this show airs, but just maybe Brooklynn will be seen nation wide as she leaves very soon to audition for America’s Got Talent, and you can bet they are going be as blown away as everyone else that  hears her sing.  There is no stopping her, she loves singing so much, and she never sings a song in public without it being just right. She is very picky about her songs, and how they sound, and this is a sign of a great artist.

When ever possible be sure to catch one of her performances live, there is nothing like it. The videos that are available does not truly give the effect as it does live, when you see her live it is WOW!  After her performance be sure to stop and say hi, she is one of the sweetest girls you can ever meet, and get her autograph, because as one lady said at Renfro Valley, the next time you just might have to pay for it.  Brooklynn Paige Conley will be! one of the greatest female country singers to set foot on stage.

Brooklynn Conley at stars2come

Brooklynn Conley at stars2come
Brooklynn Conley photo by John Matthews