Kentucky’s Voice, Kelsie May

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When people think Kentucky, the first things that comes to mind are, Wildcats basketball, bourbon, racehorses, and Loretta Lynn. They each hold a special place in the hearts of Kentuckians and has been the pride of Kentucky. Now there’s a new reason for Kentucky to stand proud, and a new name that people will speak when they think Kentucky. This new name is Kelsie May from Louisa, Kentucky. Kelsie May stepped out on the stage of The Voice and made Kentucky proud.

On The Voice Kelsie sang, You’re Looking At Country and Kelsie is just that, country.  Kelsie, with her traditional voice has only been entertaining for a few short years. In this short time many great things has happened. Not long after her beginning, she started working with music vet Bernard Porter, founder of PCG Nashville who has helped guide her on this journey. Kelsie’s many talents has come to light on her journey, writing, guitar skills and of course her beautiful country voice.

Kelsie’s voice is very similar to that of Loretta Lynn who she looks up to, and hopes to sing by her side one day. She has yet to sing beside Loretta, but Kelsie did get to sing in the front yard of her home. This was huge for Kelsie.  However she has had the opportunity to open for several great artists; John Michael Montgomery, Eric Paslay, Tate Stevens, Marty Stuart, Bucky Covington, and Angaleena Presley. All of this has helped hone her for The Voice.

Kelsie May at stars2come  The Voice is a huge opportunity and dream for many people, this is what it felt like for Kelsie May. “I kept thinking, am I in a dream, I couldn’t believe that it was actually about to happen”said Kelsie. She remembers looking at all four chairs when she stepped out on stage, and how surreal that moment was.  Once the music began the nerves she had been replaced by excitement.

Beforehand Kelsie was thinking if she got a chair to turn, it would probably be Blake because of the song she was singing, You’re Looking At Country. He did turn his chair, but soon after Christine and Pharrell turned their chairs, and she was overly excited. She said when it came down to choosing they all had great things to say that hit home with Kelsie, but it was Blake who won her over. She is hoping Blake will help pave the way for her in country music.

Team Blake is where Kelsie fits in. She said she didn’t choose Blake just because of his country roots, but she feels she would be totally comfortable working with him. “He is known as everyone’s crazy uncle, so I feel I can really just let down my walls and be myself” says Kelsie. Even with all of Blake’s fame, he has not let that change who he is, which is very important to Kelsie.

Being on The Voice is a great thing, it is not just getting on stage singing and pick a coach. Before Kelsie had the opportunity to pick Blake, she had to earn her spot. For her it was all the way back to Cleveland Ohio. This is where she had her first audition. Kelsie had always watched The Voice and her friends would often tell her she should try out. The call did come wanting her to audition and something inside her told her to do it. She is so happy she did. Kelsie was super nervous, but wanted to make a good first impression. She so wanted to make it to the blinds, she laid everything on the line for the casting people. In doing this, she earned her spot on the show, and ended up on Team Blake.

Kelsie is grateful for this opportunity. While it is an opportunity, she says win or not she will continue writing songs and tour as many places as possible. Her main goal is to sing on the Opry and sing with Loretta. This show just might open a few doors for her goals to be realized.

 Kelsie has the appeal and personality to win over the hearts of people everywhere.  Her fans and family has supported her through think and thin. Her hometown has been there for her since she first stepped on a stage. Once the people of her hometown heard she auditioned for The Voice and on Team Blake, they was so happy for Kelsie and her parents. A very proud day indeed. Kelsie says she is happy to be from a small town that supports her the way they do. She couldn’t ask for anything better.

 It is Kelsie’s big dream to sing with Loretta and be on the Opry, but it is also her dream to raise awareness for cancer and OMS. Both of these have impacted her family so much. “Cancer, I feel, has affected one person in one way or another” says Kelsie. OMS is a disorder that her nephew was diagnosed with after he battled cancer (neuroblastoma). Not much is known about this because only one in ten million will get it.

Kelsie May at stars2come  Her journey with The Voice is a lot of work, but she has made some great friends and gets to enjoy some down time with them. Kelsie and her friends while in California just love doing normal stuff when they can. They go bowling, out to eat and even have movie nights. She says she will definitely remain friends with these amazing people forever.

Kelsie would like to thank all of her fans new and old for standing behind her. She would like for them to know that they should always be themselves, no matter if anyone else does. Remain true to yourselves and do whatever makes you happy. “I’m on this journey with people from all around the world, and I appreciate them all for taking a chance on a sixteen year old with big dreams” Kelsie said.

There may be others out there hoping to be on stage on The Voice, and Kelsie feels they should go for it. She says even if you are really scared, do it. “If it’s your dream and it makes you happy, go out there and sing with all your heart and you wont have any regrets” says Kelsie.

Kelsie is on a big journey and The Voice is part of that journey. She is Kentucky’s voice and Kentucky along with the rest of the country will be watching her journey on the show unfold. When you look at Kelsie you are looking at country. Dreams do come true and just maybe The Voice will find Loretta and put her alongside of Kelsie. Two great Kentucky voices together, not a bad idea. Be sure and follow The Voice, Monday and Tuesday nights and give support to Kelsie every time she is on.

All heart, all country, Kentucky’s Voice, Kelsie May.