Kristyn Harris

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There are many people who talk about throw back days, well that describes the amazing voice Kristyn has. Kristyn’s voice has the old traditional country/western voice that pioneered the music industry. It is rare to find such a perfect and true western voice as Kristyn. Whenever you listen to her, it takes you back to the years before and all the great artists that came before her, but none can stand out above Kristyn; “she” is the modern-day Dale Evans and music is in need of a wonderful voice like hers.

As amazing as Kristyn is, she has not been performing long at all. kristyn did not hit the stage until she was fourteen years old. Her very first public appearance was at an open mic in her hometown called, Roundup on the Range. Most of the stage experience in the beginning came from performing at the Cowtown Opry in Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday afternoons in the Stockyards.

This wonderful western gal may not have been performing long, but since her start she has sung from one end of the country to the other and Canada. Kristyn will make anyone’s day once they hear her. She has sung with The Time Jumpers in Nashville, with Vince Gill standing next to her. Also she has been on stage with the Riders in the Sky; she has done an outdoor concert at Thunderbird Lodge with the stage set right at water’s edge of Lake Tahoe; Branscome Hall Chuckwagon Dinner Show in Blue Ridge, Texas; the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Santa Clarita Cowboy festival, and many more. She is unstoppable! She says what really makes a performance especially wonderful or memorable is getting to play with extra special or delightful musicians, being in an incredible setting, or having an incredible audience with lots of energy between stage and audience.

Kristyn just purely loves to sing and share her passion with an audience and take them on a musical journey. When she is performing with a band a lot of the joy of performing comes from getting to hear and appreciate the other players and interact with them. This kind of feeling she says is hard to describe, but it completely lights her up, and it is fun knowing that as they are having fun on stage, so is the audience. When she is on stage entertaining an audience, she likes singing songs from, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers, plus many more. There are a few contemporary western songwriters that she loves covering as well and they are, Randy Huston, Dave Stamey, Juni Fisher, and several more. It does not matter what Kristyn sings, she will always delight you. Her over all goal is to just keep playing music.

Kristyn’s incredible voice has earned her many awards from the very start, to today. At fourteen years old she won, McKinney Has Talent in her hometown. Later on she won the Kamloops, British Columbia Rising Star Award at the Kamloops Cowboy festival in Canada. She has also been awarded a few things from the Western Music Association like, Janet McBride Yodeling Award 2011, Crescendo Award 2012, Female Yodeler of the Year 2012, and Cowboy Swing Album of the Year for her CD, “Let Me Ride” 2013. In March 2014 she was awarded Western Female Performer of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists.

For Kristyn her journey has also landed her on TV. She has appeared on The Penny Gilley Show as well as the Shotgun Red Variety Show, both on RFD-TV network to sing and interviews. She has also made a guest appearance on Nickelodean, for the kids show, Figure It Out.

For a performer you just cannot ask for much better than Kristyn. She is someone everyone needs to see and hear. There will be many chances for people to catch her one of her performances. She has a full schedule throughout the year in multiple states. Kristyn has also been cast as part of a feature family film for television, a modern western with both singing and acting parts. Lacy J Dalton will be starring in this and Kristyn is very excited about that.

Kristyn is an amazing girl, but she says she is actually shy and introverted. She performs for hundreds of people, but a little reserved in just general conversation.

Don’t miss anything that Kristyn does, she is a true breath of fresh air with a timeless voice. Kristyn’s journey will be a great one!