Kropp Circle

  Kropp Circle is made up of three brothers ,  Sebastian-17, Remington-15 and Emerson-13. They discovered their passion for music at an early age and since dedicated themselves to writing meaningful songs about life. These guys do a great job writing their own music , if you listen to the words they do say alot. Sebastian says , the words, music and the way it is arranged are important to us, and people matter , words count and the music breathes on.
      Kropp Circle`s popularity is growing fast. They entered Radio Disney`s contest NBT ( next big thing ). This has given them a big boost in fan base around the world. Although they did not win, the UK has embraced the band and is one of the top five finalist in both rock and pop categories of the Poeple`s Music Awards. The track – Who We Really Are – is featured in the competition and has appealed to a wide range of music lovers.
     Remington is the lead vocal and plays piano. He  has a unique voice that can capture you before you know it.  He presents a song with such heart and feeling_ that you can not escape , and want more.  They are now taking care of that. They have started work on their debut cd, I have no dought it will sell fast. I am impressed with these guys , I believe they are going to go a long way. I put one of my favorites of theirs here , I hope you enjoy it.