Kyra Alejandra Mejia

Kyra Mejia at stars2come

 This pretty young lady from Miami, will just steal your heart when she sings. When she is on stage, she puts a lot of heart in her performance. Kyra will not just stand and sing, she will put on a great show too, adding in some awesome dance moves. She has it all going for her, outstanding vocals, great stage presence, and a lot of energy making for a fantastic show. The expressions she has when singing is phenomenal.

 Kyra is a very talented ten year old. When she was five, her parents taught her songs from Grease, and often she would sing these at family parties. Her dad then taught her Spanish songs, and would perform them for his family when they would go visit in Colombia. This beginning is what created, her fabulous voice that she has today. After she turned eight, she auditioned for the first time, for a holiday show in her city. Kyra was very nervous, to the point that she was almost frozen, but she was chosen for the part. Also here at the audition, Kyra met her best friend Thais. She joined the same group as her friend Thais, with Artistic Explosion. This is where she takes her lessons and she truly loves it. They teach not only singing, but dance as well. Kyra started performing with them two years ago.

Kyra is singing “Angels” below. This performance is one you really don`t want to miss, truly brilliant!

Kyra Mejia at stars2come

 Kyra has joined a rock band/chorus that her music teacher at school came up with to see if he could make the chorus more fun by making it a rock band. She tried out for it and became one of the lead singers for the band. She says, it is awesome singing with other kids playing instruments. Last year they performed  a benefit concert for Haiti, and then this year they performed at a high school carnival, and the Miami Herald did a article on them. Kyra sang “Don`t Stop Believing”. After the article came out in the paper the NBC news came out to the school, and filmed them singing.  Afterwards NBC did an interview with Kyra, which was very cool for her.

 Kyra loves to sing. She said, ” some songs touch your heart when you`re singing, and some songs you can just rock out to”. She is absolutely right and you can see it clearly in her performances. She likes all types of music, country, pop, rock, and latin, just everything. She wants everyone to enjoy her music no matter what she sings.

 Kyra gets her inspiration from many people. One person that she has gained inspiration from is Gaby Borges. Kyra`s friend showed her some videos of Gaby singing and dancing. Then Kyra found her in the soap opera “Eva Luna” and saw what a great actress she was, and now Kyra would like to do the same kind of things. This is a great thing that, young people can gain inspiration form other young talent. Kyra has everything it takes to make what ever dream she has come true. She has the ability to be a star on TV or radio, and either one would be so very lucky to have her. Kyra is a true rising star. Kyra Mejia