Kyra Nicole, A new voice for the world

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Kyra Nicole, one word, Wow! What a beautifully toned voice for someone so young. The softness of her voice along with her tone quality will bring chills to you. Listening to, It’s Not Your Fault from her CD, A Little Bit On My Own, and the only thing that comes to mind is incredible. Singing is certainly what she was put on this earth to do, no question. Kyra is not someone who just gets up and sings, singing is part of who she is inside and that can be heard in each and every song. The talent she has with delivery makes the listener not want to turn away. This is something an artist is born with. It is a special person who can capture the listener and never let them go, and Kyra is very special indeed.

It’s Not Your Fault

Kyra started out entertaining people at the age of eight. Her debut performance was at a talent contest in California. At the contest she sang, Taylor Swift’s song “White Horse”. “I won the trophy which was nearly as tall as I was” says Kyra.

On Kyra’s first time out singing was an exciting time for sure, but since then there have been others. When Kyra went out for the first time performing her original songs from her CD was a performance she loved doing. This performance was at a local community center. She said it was fun seeing strangers enjoying her own music.

Contests are something that Kyra has only scratched the surface of. Her first was winning the big trophy and now a finalist in the Unsigned Only International Music Competition 2015. The contests when it comes to Kyra are irrelevant. She is winning audience’s hearts, and that is the true trophy any artist needs to win. Kyra is only twelve years old, by the time she is twenty-two, she will need the Madison Square Garden to hold all of her trophies.

 Kyra Nicole at stars2come Seeing people connect with her music is what makes it so much fun says Kyra. Kyra does share her original songs, but she also likes covers. Her two favorites are, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. She says she likes Taylor’s storytelling, not to mention she is a great role model, talented, smart, generous and fun artist. When it comes to Ariana, Kyra loves how challenging her songs are with her big vocal range and fun to watch in concert. She hopes to meet them both one day.

Kyra would like to follow in Taylor’s footsteps, have a log lasting career and helping others. She loves how Taylor surprises her fans in many different ways, whether it is helping a sick child, Christmas shopping for fans or bringing out a surprise guest. This is who Kyra longs to be. She wants to be that person helping to put a smile on anther’s face.

Final Mistake

On Kyra’s CD you will find three songs she has co-written along with her vocal coach, Ilona Europa. “In The Mall” was first and was meant to be a fun song about girls having a typical fun day at the mall in pre-teen and teen language. Another is, “Take Me, Take Me”  is about reaching for goals with confidence even if you don’t exactly know what will happen. “Final Mistake” is about finding strength after a hurtful breakup. This particular song is something she has yet to experience, but she connected on what she imagined those feelings might would be. This song is a perfect example of creation. For someone to take an idea, but never had an experience to go with it and make something so brilliant, is a true artist.  All of these great songs can be found on her CD, A Little Bit On My Own. Every song on the CD will leave you craving for more, and when it is over, it is still not enough, you want more.

Kyra’s CD, A Little Bit On My Own is one that every music lover needs, but they shouldn’t leave out her music video. The video that was made for this CD is just as fun to watch as it is to listen to.  It took two days to film the video, but Kyra had a lot of fun shooting it. She had a great time acting and working with everyone. From this experience she believes it would be fun to do a Disney or Nickelodeon TV show which combines acting with her music. It would be a great TV show.

For someone so talented it is hard to believe that she is just a normal twelve-year-old girl. She says she has normal interests and a normal family as anyone else her age. The only thing different with her than any other girl, is she loves to sing. Kyra is grateful for all of the opportunities and support she has had so far. Whatever happens next she is excited and looking forward to it.

To look at Kyra’s life she is a normal girl, but when you look at her music, it is not normal. There’s nothing anyone can do to make another person be creative, it has to be already inside. When it comes to music, it is the creativity that separates her from others. It is this creativity that makes her an artist. There are many great singers, but only a few that are true artists. Kyra’s music when listening gives you a feeling she is living the story she is telling. In living the story, she is not there alone, Kyra cannot help, but bring you with her. Whether Kyra knows it or not she is a delivery genus. She can deliver the song bringing the story to life taking your imagination on a musical journey, leaving you in the state of, aw. There’s so much feeling and heart in the songs she sings, it can be felt how genuine she is. Already at her age the dynamics of her voice is beginning to surface, and soon she will be unstoppable. The world is at her fingertips, soon it will be in her arms, then she will be off on the most wonderful journey of all. It is in her imagination now, and the things she imagines, comes to life.