Landon Wall “Lost Boy”

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Landon Wall is a true phenomenon in country music. He gained popularity almost right out of the gate, and people continue to gravitate to him. Is it his friendly disposition, his gritty voice? One thing is for certain, everyone is in love with his music. Hanging out at a venue waiting for his turn to perform, his name is called, and the place comes to life clapping and cheering, the crowd already knows who he is. This is not something that happens to everyone, only to those who possess a special something. He gets on stage with the crowd focused on him, Landon talks to them as if they were his best friend, they love it. You will love it too, listen and watch him perform and you will be hooked like many others.

His talents as a singer/songwriter has gained the attention of some of his idols in the music industry. Here recently Landon caught the attention of the beautifully talented, Kelsea Ballerini. Kelsea took a liking to him right away. This all happened due to his new song, Lost Boy. Lost Boy was written by Landon and his dad in response to Kelsea’s Peter Pan. They were in the car when Kelsea’s song came on, and he and his dad wondered what Peter Pan’s side of the story would be.They wrote the song and made a video of him performing it. The video began getting responses from all over the country and one of those responses was from Kelsea herself. “She sent me a tweet that said, Oh my heavens Landon this is brilliant, come to a show and let me hug you” says Landon. Landon was in South Carolina doing a show and Kelsea was coming into town to perform at a festival. Unfortunately Landon had another performance to do in Nashville the day before she would arrive On the day he was going to be playing at the Bluebird Cafe a friend of his let him know that Kelsea was back in Nashville. “So I sent her a tweet saying, Hey Ms. Kelsea, I will be performing Lost Boy at the Bluebird tonight in case you do not have any plans” says Landon. He had know idea that she would actually show up, but she did. “I was in total shock! I was speechless other than to utter the words, yes ma’am every now and then” says Landon. Since it was in the middle of the Bluebird show they didn’t get to talk much, but Kelsea did give him a kiss on the cheek. It is very kind and sweet of Kelsea to come out to see Landon, this is the kind of thing that makes country music great. “As a young artist, it’s important to have mentors to look up to in the industry and I can’t thank her enough” says Landon.

Landon has had a great ride in music and it is just the beginning for him. It has been the love for singing, and the determination which has made him so successful and loved by many. As a little kid he was in musical theater. His favorite role was, Huck Finn. This is when he discovered how much he loved to sing. His dad taught him to play a few chords on the guitar so he could play a song he liked. Learning this from his dad made him want to learn even more. He went to a music store when he was seven years old and asked about taking lessons. “The guy looked down at me and said “Come back kid in a couple of years when you’ll pay attention” that lit a fire in me” said Landon. This encounter made him want to learn even more. He went home and got on the internet to learn more chords to play more songs. Three months later he was back in the music store, he picked up one of their guitars and started playing, Favorite Girl by Justin Bieber. He remembers when he got to the part where he played a B7 chord, one of the clerks walked up to him and said ,”Wow, you play better than I do”. “I don’t know why, but it was important to me that they know I did learn to play the guitar” said Landon. He is now an exceptional player blazing his own trail, and that trail has led him to some wonderful places.

Being self taught has proven to be a highly successful journey. He has been fortunate to perform at many venues from North and South Carolina to Nashville. In North Carolina he often performs at Muddy Creek Music Hall in Bethania, Then on to South Carolina where he played at the Carolina Country Music Festival in Myrtle Beach where he performed with Hunter Hayes in front of 22,000 people. But still the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville remains his favorite venue to perform. “When you step up to the mic and realize that artists such as Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks and the list goes on and on. All stood in that very same spot to perform, something magical happens that can’t be explained” says Landon. Now it is Landon who has become magical himself.

Nashville has a power of it’s own that draws artists to it, that power is the love of music that everyone has visitor or resident. Landon discovered this power when he began to do street concerts in Downtown Nashville. He was nine years old when he had his first. He stepped out on the sidewalk and started to play and sing and one by one people began to gather round. “I looked around and there had to be at least a hundred people watching me play and singing along. By the end of the night I was in love with a city, Nashville” says Landon. Nashville is now in love with Landon, and his music.

Landon and his dad often write songs together, and it was his dad that helped nurture his mind for songwriting. When he was little in the car riding, they would play a game called the, Rhyming Game. “I always had fun playing the game, but it wasn’t until I was a little older that I realized he had been teaching me to become a songwriter” says Landon. He always enjoys writing with his dad. The songs that have been performed are cleaver, and people can connect to them and feel something inside.

If not for fans, no artist can survive. Landon has a large fan base and it is growing steady daily. He does love country music very much, but it is his fans that drives him, and he loves them all. In return, Landon wrote a song called, Country Music Fan. This is a personal message from him to every country music fan out there. He does appreciate each and every one.

There have been a lot of great things happening in Landon’s favor. Hearing his song Lost Boy being played on the radio and having people worldwide messaging him where to download the song (it can be found on iTunes and Amazon). Landon has also become a member of the Country Music Association, which is an honor for him. He has been invited to join SESAC as a songwriter.

When Landon was 7 years old he told his folks that one day he wanted to sellout Madison Square Garden, and that is still a dream. “But along the way I fell in love with Country Music, and all country music artist knows that wherever you go in the world to play music, when you come home it is to The Grand Ole Opry. The dream Landon has is sound, he has the “it” factor and he will be one day selling out arenas worldwide including Madison Square Garden. He is talented far beyond his age. It is seen in his performances just how much he loves music and his fans. They love him too!