Larasati Maranda

Larasati Maranda at stars2come






Larasati at just eleven years old can sing as good as anyone you want to put her up against. The control and expressions she has when she sings is amazing to say the least. It just keeps getting more amazing, that so many people at such a young age can sing better than most adults. It takes most people years to learn to do what Larasati does, and some are still unable to do it. Some of these songs she sings, her voice is so soft and clear adding great beauty to these songs she sings and all the gestures she makes when she is performing truly adds depth to her performance. It never fails ever song she does is perfection.

Just like most kids, Larasati started performing in school at talent shows. When she was nine she covered, Jessie J’s “Price Tag” at one of these shows. She says this was one of her favorites. She also enjoyed performing, “Over The Rainbow” at a local show. Her talents has done her well earning her numerous awards at music festivals and competitions. Just listen to one song and you clearly hear just why she wins all the awards.

Larasati loves to cover Lady Gaga, because she is unique and has a very raw talent. This is the way Larasati wants to be, unique. She says, she does not want to be like everybody else. Larasati has the right idea, always be yourself. Being different is the only way to be and that is what gets you noticed. She does covers from Rihanna and Adele, she enjoys their songs very much.

For Larasati the important thing about singing is the freedom to express yourself. She says, singing is not just singing, singing is expressing. When she expresses her feelings through her voice it makes her feel confident. She has a great attitude and outlook on her future. She doesn’t want to be famous based on what she looks like, she wants to be well known for her true self and talent. Larasati also wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She said, she has been creating many designs lately, they just pop into her head and she puts them down on paper.

This beautiful young lady from Vancouver has the talent and drive to do or be anything she wants to be. She has a great understanding of what singing really is and that is so important for any artist, but to understand at ten years old is incredible.  She is planning to try for the Canadian competition, “Next Star”. If she does they will be listening in wonder. They will realize that Canada truly has someone very special.