Laura Omloop “The Star Of Belgium”

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The amazing Laura Omloop continues to “WOW” her fans with her music. Since her appearance on Junior Eurovision in 2009 where she came in fourth place, she has risen to be a true star of Belgium. Laura with her perfect pitch and dancing, always gives an outstanding performance to her audience, young and old. Laura is a person that no matter what language she sings in, everyone loves her. She may be a star of Belgium, but she is proof that music has no borders. Her music is being enjoyed by many people around the world, and everyone is amazed with her talent.

Laura is a very kind and funny person with a great love of music, and hopes to have a lifetime career of entertaining people with her pop music. Her career has taken off very well. Laura currently has four wonderful CD’s available,  Verliefd, Wereld vol Kleuren, Cowboymeisje, and Stapelgek Op Jou. If you wish to purchase one or all of these great CD’s you can at lauraomloop. Verliefd was her first to be released in 2010, and went platinum soon after releasing. Then in 2011, she released another CD,   Wereld Vol Kleuren and has received a gold award  for the sales of this great CD.

Laura was also in category, “Best kidspop”  MIA nominated for and won in 2010 and 2011, the radio 2 “Zomerhit”.  In 2010 she filmed the video for, Stapelgek Op Jou. This was shot at her school, and they had invited many students to participate in the filming. She said, they had to close the school for a day to do the filming, and it was so much fun.  Laura will be appearing on two great TV shows this month, Wrap van de Dag and Kentnep if you are in Belgium be sure to catch these shows.

Laura was a star from the very first time she set foot on stage in 2009, and her popularity since has become enormous. It only takes one listen to see why Laura has climbed so high so fast. Her vocal and yodeling abilities are among the best out there, and when watching her in the videos, the amazing charm she has just radiates out and captivates you. Laura is remarkable to say the least. There are very few people that can say they were a platinum award winner at eleven years old. Laura has a wonderful future in music, and you can bet there will be many more great awards coming her way very soon. She is amazing and a person anyone can look up to.