Laura Omloop


laura  Omloop at stars2come

 I really love this little girl.  Her face just lights up so well when she is on camera , adding a bit more magic to her performance. Laura has a great folk sound to her music adding in yodelling , this is very popular in Belgium and she does it very well. I was very surprised that she could yodel that good at only eleven years old. I know of many great artists that was famous for yodelling , but was much older. Learning to yodel is not an easy thing it is very difficult to do it correctly. For Laura she pick it up with ease , just came natural.

 Laura started singing about two years ago and already has a brilliant style to her music. She has been taking vocal lessons from Daniel Kleeman he is very cool,  she says and has her own choreographer. Laura likes the singing styles of Michael Jackson , ( she was very disappointed when he past away ),  Celine Dion and loves Ret own songs.  Laura loves to sing , she likes to bring joy to people with her music. She brought a lot of joy to people last year , competing on Junior Eurovision 2009 coming in forth place and that is a very good postion for the Junior Eurovision . She sang the song  Zo Verliefd to get her to forth place.  She says , that once she returned home from Eurovision she was greeted with much love from people. The love she got was well deserved she put a awesome performance , just lighting up the stage.

laura Omloop at stars2come You may have seen her before on a famous TV show in Belgium called K3 where children have concerts and intertain the audience with their new songs ,she says , that composeing your own songs is a fun excercise. She was also invited to a performance there in her city which she excepted and says it is very cool.

 Laura has a large family that she gets lots of support from. She has of coarse her mom and dad , but also two older brothers and three older sisters and two dogs. Even with so much going on with Laura she still enjoys normal kid stuff , hanging out with friends , play with the dogs and if she gets bored will hang out with  her vocal coach , she says , he has lots of fun activities to do. With such a beautiful sound to her voice she will have a great future. Laura is a very adorable and happy person and on stage all this shines through. The smile she carries will brighten anyone`s day. It has been proven over and over that young artists can be far better than most adults and Laura is one of these great young artists that has something special to bring to us all her music is awesome….Love that smile……..