Lauren Brooke

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Alabama is bursting at the seams with all of the talent contained within it’s borders. Occasionally one of those talents breaks free from the rest and sets the world on fire. Lauren Brooke happens to be one of these talents. Lauren is kind of like fire and ice. When she steps on stage to perform she sets the place a blaze. Lauren will be rocking it with an up beat song, while the crowd is clapping and dancing along. After she has the place burning hot, she puts on the breaks a bit and cools it down like ice. She will take you from burning up the dance floor, to carrying you in the palm of her hand. Lauren is an artist who has the ability to take a person on a emotional ride. It is the ladies like her who become the legends.

It is rare to find an artist who didn’t start out at a very young age. Lauren is another artist who has started out young as well. Today she is thirteen years old, but her journey began in the 4th grade. Lauren sang in a talent show when she was in the 4th grade, it was after this performance that she discovered how much she loved it and wanted to do it all her life. She decided to take lessons, and with only a few months into the lessons, her coach put her in a state competition. “I won my division and from there I went on to national competition where I came in second, the rest is history” says Lauren.

Not too long after getting started, Lauren found Nashville. Now she burns up the venues from one end of town to the other, and Nashville loves her. She has sang at so many venues around town, it would be hard to name them all. But to give an idea of the places she is welcomed at and she loves. Lauren has been performing at the iconic Bluebird Cafe, she says the audience there is super supportive. Here recently she performed at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. “No matter what time of year it is, it feels like you are at the beach” says Lauren. BB Kings is big on the list. She says the huge stage, the great sound manager and sound system, is awesome!

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As it would happen Lauren debuted her first original song written on her own at the Bluebird Cafe called, Like You. Her new song “Like You” was well received and is loved by the girls. The inspiration for the song came from dealing with boys. She wrote it with music and all in just two hours. “It was an amazing feeling to get the opportunity to sing it at the Bluebird” says Lauren.

Much of the fire she carries within, may come from one of her inspirations, Miranda Lambert. Miranda has a huge amount of energy in her performances and the same can be found at Lauren’s. When Lauren lays into Little Red Wagon the energy level explodes. She loves how upbeat Miranda’s songs are, and how easy they get the crowd going. Lauren is also big on Kacey Musgraves songs like, Biscuits, and Dime Store Cowgirl. “I love performing them because they bring a vintage vibe and they draw a crowd because the lyrics are fun” says Lauren.

It is hard to find a person who loves to perform more than Lauren. Watching Lauren perform it is easy to see the passion she has for it. Her passion makes it’s way to the crowd, and can be seen through the fun they are having. “I love it when people get up and dance when I am singing” says Lauren. This is the kind of responses artists live for, and she gets plenty of it.

Like You, was her first song written on her own, but not her only original song. Currently Lauren has four other songs that are co-written, with more in the works. When she writes it is her own experiences that she uses for her inspiration. Sometimes she will see or feel something and it will come from that. Wherever it comes from, one thing is certain, what she produces is always a hit with the audiences.

Being a big country music star is something she dreams of one day. Lauren is sincere, full of energy and a hard worker. All of these things help to make up her personality and will drive her to become the star of her dreams. She says she will never forget those who have supported her through her journey. This is what makes country music artists so special, is they never forget where they come from, or who helped them along the way. Lauren is a grateful person and never too busy to say thank you. She will do country music proud.