Lauren Elise

Lauren Elise at stars2come  Lauren is a girl with a voice as lovely as she is. She has a wonderful country sound that compliments all the songs she sings. Lauren has exceptional control and power, it is like she has been singing for many  years. After listening to many of her songs, I don`t think there is a missed note anywhere, they are perfection.

 Lauren didn`t start out singing, she started out playing the piano. Her piano playing is just as exceptional as her singing. After her first year playing, she placed all Superiors at the Music Federation competition at their local college. Even though she enjoyed piano, she wanted to express herself more, and do it with words. Lauren joined the chorus at school and since then, she has done nothing but grow. Her chorus teacher realized that she had a great quality and tone to her voice, and such control, that she recommended Lauren join the advanced choir. She takes vocal lessons from Kathleen Myrick, who is a Mezzo Opera singer. She focuses on classical,  Broadway and preparing the student for theatrical auditions and a future in the arts. Lauren is also studying under Cheryl Kaleda who is known for her work in films, commercials and voice overs.

 Lauren has been performing in both theater and music. Her first production was in “Cinderella”, ever since this first production she has been in one to two productions per year. She has played many lead roles such as, “Cinderella, “Belle”, “Sarah” and “Golde”. Her favorite was in “Guys and Dolls”  as “Sarah” at the Thrasher Horne Theater and in Brigadoon at Orange Park Community Theater. Starting in December 2008 she began singing throughout the region. She is now booking weekly around north Florida as a soloist and with her band. She has appeared at Christmas on Walnut Street, Riverfest, and Forth of July Celebrations just to name a few.

lauren elise at stars2come

 One of Lauren`s favorite performances was at Carnegie Hall, according to Lauren it was so moving and almost spiritual. It was an amazing moment, when your voice resonates through a hall of such grandeur. Also a special place to perform is Nashville Palace, this is the place that began her journey with Nashville Spotlight. Lauren can not say enough wonderful things about Nashville Spotlight and Mike Jennings. She says, having the opportunity to work with so many talented young people from around the country, that it is almost like Christmas each time she goes back. According to Lauren Mike Jennings is an amazing person, who gives unselfishly daily, pushing to give young talent a platform, which otherwise might not be available to them. She has not only had the pleasure of performing on Nashville Spotlight, but in many of the showcases as well. She has been a host and an ambassador, and she will be returning again at Christmas to host and perform. Being involved with Nashville Spotlight has opened many doors of opportunity for her to perform in places, that otherwise would not have happened.

 Lauren has been in  several competitions. She placed as Vocalist of the Year, 2009 in the state of Florida in two divisions, Country and Gospel, also Entertainer of the Year, 2009 in Country and Gospel. She also placed Vocalist of the Year at the North American Country Music Association National Competition in Tennessee 2010, and Entertainer of the Year. Lauren`s latest competition she done a tremendous job, winning seven titles advancing her to the Nationals in Tennessee for the North American Country Music Association. these titles were, Vocalist and Entertainer of the New Country, Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year Traditional Country, Vocalist of the Year Traditional Gospel, Duo of the year, and Band of the Year.

 Lauren just began writing her own songs this past year. She is working with a song writer in Nashville, and hopes to release some early next year. She also has a demo out with cover songs and one Gospel that is playing on 40 radio stations around the country, in 25 states. She will be working on another set of Gospel songs due to the large number of requests made by the listeners of those stations.

 Lauren knows what she wants, and that is to be on stage somewhere, but there is another amazing side to Lauren. She has a gift in helping others, to touch their lives in a positive way, and making people feel loved and cared for, not forgotten. She is not afraid of reaching out. One great example  she shared with me is a much to common problem in schools: Here recent she saw a young lady sitting alone at school during lunch, she walked over, introduced herself, and began to share with the young lady. The girl, asked her “why would you come and talk to me, when others will not, was it just there were no seats?” Lauren said, “because I want to be a friend”.  No matter what Lauren may accomplish in music, it will not be as great as this. What Lauren has inside is something money can not buy, and awards can not give, and that is compassion. To stop right in the middle of what ever you are doing, to reach out to someone else, no matter what the consequences are, to be unselfish with your life to help someone else, this is who Lauren is!