Lauren Isenberg

Lauren Isenberg

Life has many great things to offer. When going through life we all experience many wondrous and beautiful sights, sounds and people of all types. Most often it’s the people themselves that makes the world a more beautiful and exciting place to live. In Canada resides just such a person who does brighten, excites and adds much beauty to the lives of many . This person is Canadian artist, Lauren Isenberg. Lauren is just fourteen years old, and proof “life” really knows what it is doing.

Lauren is not “just” a singer, she, is someone that must be experienced. What she does vocally, is so captivating you soon forget everything going on around you. What happens is you find yourself fixed on Lauren, and caught up in the world she has created in her performance. Sit back and just listen, her voice is hypnotizing all the emotion that she exudes keeps you under her spell through the entirety of the story she is telling. To watch Lauren, is to be taken to a place of wonder and fascination. Living in the story is what is seen throughout her being, the emotion, passion and animations that she brings to the story is what brings it to life. When watching all of these expressions combined with her voice, she is an exceptional artist that must be and should be experienced by all. She was created for life and now she creates, to add more life to all.

Coming from a musical family she has always sang. “I used to sing a lot when I was little, I wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed it” says Lauren. When Lauren was little, she made her debut performance as a flying monkey in The Wizard of Oz at a school play. Lauren discovered she enjoyed performing and continued to audition for plays in and out of school. Over time she claimed a few leading roles; she was Mary Poppins, The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and Donna in Mama Mia in grades 3, 4, and  5.

At the Drake Hotel in Toronto is where she made her first ever performance with a live band. “It was such an amazing experience to be on stage with seriously talented musicians” says Lauren. This was all organized by her vocal coach, Marla Joy.

Lauren is exceptional, but she is not alone. Lauren has teamed up with, Aja Neinstein also from Canada and Sina Doering from Germany who are both sensational. The collaborations from these three have been perfection. If there ever was a dream team, this is it! Aja is another exception, she can do magic with lyrics. Then there’s Sina a percussionist who has an ear for music, not a note out of place, her timing is spot on. You just can’t get much better than Sina. Lauren loved collaborating with Aja and Sina. “It’s really cool to be able to do that with Sina because she lives in Germany and I am in Canada and she is such a talented musician. Aja and I have known each other for years and she is an amazing singer” says Lauren. Together they covered, Here Comes The Sun and it’s one of the best covers of this song, it is right in there with the original. It’s so good, you don’t want the song to end, just keep going. If these three were to record and tour together, they would set the music world on it’s end.

Without any doubt Aja, Sina and Lauren make a great team, but it was Sina who got it all started. Sina reached out to Lauren after seeing her cover of, Jealous. Lauren and Sina worked together on an original song called, Doing the Wrong Thing the Right Way. This original song was written by Sina’s dad, Mike Wilbury. Mike too is an exceptional musician and can be heard on the song playing guitar and bass.  The instrumental and vocals on this song, is perfect. Everything flowed so well, it just carried you away. It would be no surprise to get in the car and turn on the radio and Doing the Wrong Thing the Right Way be playing; it should be. The creativeness of the song and music, is brilliant. This song is one that people can get behind and understand. “I think it’s a very relatable song; most people have been “done wrong” by someone at one point in their life, and some people are very crafty at doing wrong to others” says Lauren.

Singing cover songs is something that Lauren enjoys doing. Many of the songs she chooses to cover all have their own special place with her. A couple examples are: Jealous, this song was so beautiful and meaningful to Lauren, and Here Comes The Sun is a serious classic and different from what she is used to performing.  In all, it’s the love of performing and the joy she receives from entertaining people. The feedback and support from those who listens to her performances has been incredible. Lauren appreciates, every one.

Lauren is currently working on another cover that she hopes everyone enjoys when it comes out. Also she has been doing some songwriting and maybe one day soon, we will get to hear her own works. She says, she feels fortunate that people likes and supports her singing, and for that she is grateful.

It’s incredible how she breathes life into a song to make it seem so vibrant and real. Lauren is gifted in a way few are. When performing there’s so much character in her, that along with the expressions on her face, she is telling a story visually as well as vocally. It is evident she truly loves and embraces music and the story within the song. It’s that love and passion that allows audiences to take part in the journey she is living.